Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Andrew's Foot Update

We got back safely from Portland. Praise God, it went really smoothly. Thank you so much for your prayers. Vern (my FIL) couldn't come due to his back, but my MIL, Ethel came and met me at the bottom of Hospital Hill after I dropped Steve off. We decided that we had enough time to go to Loyd Center (a mall). It was the perfect amount of time. We found the mall and then went and ate at the food court. We then went to a toy store and then got dessert at Cinnabon and some kids wanted caramel corn. We got back to the hospital just in time and promptly got lost due to the fact that the lady at the direction desk told us to make a left turn instead of a right turn. A kind man that worked there, offered to help show us the way. He walked all the way to the Children's Hospital with us and Steve met us there. It was so nice. I thanked him and had the kids thank him as well. We barely had to wait in the waiting room. Steve got done receiving his IV medicine early (no allergic reactions) and was able to go to Andrew's doctor with me.

The doctor confirmed that Andrew does have a mild form of cerebral palsy. He said that he right arm is affected and not quite as coordinated as his left. He said that there is not a lot to do at this point, but just see how it manifests itself. He didn't think night bracing would be effective and he said that it was too early for surgery. PRAISE GOD!!!! All we need to do is bring him in maybe once a year for a follow up to see if it worsens. The doctor was amazing. He was kind, he listened and he was great with Andrew! I never felt like he was rushing us. What a difference from the last time we went!

So that's where we are at. We've done all we can do, now we just wait. Massage and physical therapy will not treat this kind of a condition. So we will not pursue those avenues any longer.

God answered so many prayers today. I'm so happy and grateful! Steve even said he would cook dinner for us this evening and give me the day off. Isn't he sweet?


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That is great that everything went so well. I was praying for you today and I praise God he answered all our prayers.

Cat said...

God did just exactly what I'd prayed for!! Isn't He good?! I'm so glad for news about surgery too, Stacie. I mean, God answered ALL the prayers. I'm especially glad that He answered the one about speeding up the process for Steve in order that he be there for you. My, my.

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