Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Andrew and Blind Cords

OK, my sweet Mother-In-Law, Ethel has always warned me about the danger of blind cords. I knew they were dangerous, so I'm always careful to put them up out of reach from the little ones. Today I was in the kitchen when Jessica and Marcus yelled for me. I ran into the living room to see a blind cords wrapped around Andrew's neck, and I mean tight.

Someone had left them down and he had started to play with them. He had them wrapped around his neck tightly, but I was able to unwrap it after looking at it. I was so scared! Praise God he was OK and that the kids were in the room with him. Once again, God has saved our Andrew from certain death.

Please make sure you keep those cords up. It's true, they can and will choke on them.

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Cat said...

I've made a habit of keeping them tied up and held with a clothes pin since my grandchildren arrived, so thanks for the affirmation that I'm honoring their lives. That little Andrew! I will pray for him, Stacie.

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