Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Makes Me Angry Devotion

I am going to try to post a devotion that I have sent out awhile ago. Mainly, because I need to reread them and be reminded of what God lays on my heart. So here is my anger one, that has once again left me convicted.

What Makes Me Angry

Dear Mothers,

If you are an angry mother, would you do something for me? Would you raise your hand? Guess what, my hand is raised, too! God sees your hand and He sees your admission to this particular sin.

Anger is something that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. First it was my parents, then when I got married it was directed towards my husband, and now of course it is trickling downward to my precious children. Anger has been my “thorn in my flesh”. I don’t think God will ever take it away. Do you know why? Because by having this problem, it keeps me dependent on Him and it also keeps me from being prideful in my mothering.

I would like to share some things I’ve discovered about why I get angry that have helped me along this journey towards a more peaceful existence. The first thing God revealed to me, is that I get angry when I don’t get my way. It’s pure and utter selfishness! Not pretty, is it? The second reason why I get angry is when my husband and children create more work for me. When I already feel like all I do is work, the last thing I need is to have an “extra” job of cleaning up spilled milk, Cheerios, mud, poop, and/or vomit! Do you know what I mean, ladies? Is it just me? No, I think not! You know why I know that, because I’ve talked to hundreds of moms that are just like me. I know you can relate to this!

So how do we combat this tendency towards anger? We have to deal on a daily basis with our selfish nature. We have to learn to “do it for the Lord”! We will have peace when we let go of those things that are hindering us to become more peaceful people. Ask God what your hang up might be. He’ll let you know, I guarantee it. I have had to cry out to God and repent of screaming at my children, of stomping my feet and acting like the two-year old that I am trying to discipline! I have to lean on Him for a fresh anointing of His Holy Spirit EVERY DAY! When I wing it, I fall flat on my face in the first five minutes! Ask God to fill you till you are overflowing with His Spirit. Then and only then will you see the fruit of the Spirit shine in your mothering. You will automatically have patience, peace, self-control, kindness, gentleness, goodness, love, and JOY! And the best thing is, God will be glorified through your mothering! God will use a mother like that in mighty ways!

Remember ladies, you can’t do this on your own. It will never work. God is waiting to help you with your anger. If anger isn’t your problem, then I’m sure you have another “thorn” that is causing you to lean on Him.

The next time you get angry, ask yourself three questions…

1. Am I angry because I am not getting my way?
2. Am I angry because I have to do more work?
3. Am I angry because I am being selfish?

God may not take away the tendency to “lose it” on others, but if you are filled with His Spirit, you will have the power to make the choice to lose it, or to overlook the offense.

May God grant you His favor this day as you continue to press on towards the prize of godly mothering.

From One Mom to Another,


Cat said...

Thank you for this reminder. I was very angry last night with a few folk, for good reason, but it was because I didn't get my way. Whew! I needed that.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Your welcome, I'm glad it helped.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

OK. Convicted one again, and I know this is the second time I've read this devotion. Thanks for the reminder! For me it was my husband creating more work for me. It really was silly of me to react the way I did.

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