Saturday, October 11, 2008

Steve Bags His Deer!

Yeah, we'll have some venision this winter! Steve shot a forked horn yesterday. It's the biggest one he's ever shot. Might be 80 lbs or so. He ordered steaks, roasts and jerky. Good thing I defrosted the freezer and cleaned everything out last week.

He was so proud of himself and I told him I was proud of him as well. The kids were so excited to get to touch the brain of the deer! Yuck!

Last night we went to the Chouinards for dinner. Wow! They outdid themselves this time. We dined on marinated Rib-Eye beef steaks and pototaos and salad. Paul had looked all over for the best cuts of meat. He's such a sweetie! I love how he researches everything! I wish I had patience to do that. I asked about what he thought of the stock market and he disappeared for a few moments. I knew I was in trouble when he brought out all of his graphs and research from the 1920's Great Depression. He loves that kind of stuff and really helped soothe some of Steve's fears about his retirement.

The kids had fun when the dad's went downstairs and had a Nerf-Gun war! Wow, was that loud! Rachel and I stayed upstairs with the little ones. It was fun talking. I could talk to that girl forever!

Steve and Paul are about the best dads there can be. They love their kids and they play with their kids and they also teach their kids. It's great!

I had three good conversations yesterday over the phone with Jackie, Catherine and Margaret. It was a relaxing day.

Last night was rough with Jacob. He woke up in the middle of the night crying. I checked on him. He wasn't poopy, he just wanted to be held. I held him for a little bit and put him back down. The screams that came from that child were almost inhuman. I let him scream it out though and he didn't die. He is one stubborn kid. This morning he was actually a little hoarse from it. I hope he learned something.

Andrew pooped in the toilet twice yesterday then promptly pooped him pants at the Chouinards. I don't get it. But at least were gaining a little. I just hope he can be a Cubbie soon.

I need to go. Josh is getting ready for his Buddy Bowl game with ACTS (Acclaiming Christ Through Sports). We'll go watch him for a little bit and then Steve will stay the rest of the time. Normally the dads play too, but last year Steve hurt his back pretty bad doing it, so he's going to be cheering from the side-lines. Josh was disappointed and shed a few tears this morning, but is happy his dad is going to be there. I'm glad Steve's going because I know he wants to get overtime today.

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