Monday, October 27, 2008

Seeds Planted

I was so blessed last night to have a lengthy converstation with Andrew, my three year old, about God and Jesus. He has never wanted to talk much about it. I asked him what he liked about God. He said he liked God because "he builds things". He can't wait to see the house God is building him in Heaven. I asked him if he knew what sin was. He said "yeah, it's like "sending something to the post office". I realized that the Cubbie verse he was learning was "All have sinned". He was totally confusing the words! Too cute! So I tried explaining it a little better for him. He is a cute little guy and loves to chat. You really have to be careful not to push this little guy. He is not going to believe something just because you do. He will be a thinker! I love that. I have new prayers for him now.

Steve and I had a lovely time last night chatting before bed. We are now sleeping in the same room together ever since I got earplugs. It's been nice. Bless his heart, but now that he's gotten older, he snores. We used to take turns on the couch, but he had voluntarily been sleeping on the couch for many months. We are going to take down our bed today. It has been broken for awhile. We don't have the time or money to fix it, so we'll just store it until we are ready to deal with. Currently there are ropes holding it together. Pretty pathetic, I know! Boy is it squeaky!

I need to scoot. Jacob is of course awake, and the others will be trickling out soon. I need to wrap my mind about what to serve for breakfast. Perhaps oatmeal.

I'm planning on making a Italian sausage lasagna today. Steve loves lasagna and he is home today, so it will be perfect.

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Cat said...

What a special little guy, your Andrew is! I recall when Kelly wanted to know who 'Kevin' was. We went round and round talking about all the Kevin's I might know, when he finally said, "You know, Jesus an' God an' Kevin!" It was a great time to talk about heaven. We still have refreshing laughs about it now that he is 38 years old.

I always appreciate knowing what folks are fixing for dinner too, Stacie; it gives me ideas. I think lasagna is labor intensive, so I don't make it, but it sure sounds good. I'm making squash soup with cornbread and salad because we had hearty hambergers for lunch.

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