Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pray For Me

Steve just got a 24 hour overtime shift after he works his regular shift, so he won't be home until Thursday morning. A 48 is tough on the kids and I, but we really need the money right now. So I ask that you would pray that I can sleep at night. I'm fighting insomnia. I want to be a loving, kind and patient mommy especially while I'm homeschooling.

I have two soccer practices tonight. Good news though, Jess's coach said he won't be able to do anymore practices so now we are down to two on Tuesday and one on Thursday. Yippee!

I am feeling the baby move a bit, which is exciting. I am feeling better and love not being sick all of the time. I even cleaned out a cupboard yesterday.

I'm trying something new. I'm sick of washing 15 cups a day, so I put all the cups up except one for each of us. Even Steve and I get one cup. Each child is responsible for his or her cup. Of course, Andrew and Jacob will need help. I have plastic and paper cups for when we have company. I hope this cuts down on the amount of dishes I am doing a day. I am doing three loads a day now.

Steve and I were trying to brainstorm on how to cut the cost of groceries. The prices keep going up and we are spending up to $600 a month on groceries. At least! Yikes! We need to rethink the way we are eating and shopping. It's not going to get better. I was getting WWFlour for $18 for a 25 lb bag. It went up to $25 a bag and now it's unavailable. I make my own bread so now I have to go to the store and buy it for twice that much. It is still cheaper to make my own then to buy it. It's better for you too.

I'm buying fewer snacks and making my own. I'll make brownies today made with sucanat and WWpastry flour. The kids love them.

We also talked about disciplining Marcus. He has such a snotty attitude sometimes and is very disrespectful to me. Steve gave me a few ideas that I hope will work. He will back me up on anything, so it's nice to know that. We need to get this straightened out before he becomes a teenager.

I love talking with my husband at night. The kids are in bed and we don't get interupted. We are getting along so good. It's been wonderful. He let me go to Yoga last night and it felt really good on my hips and back.

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Cat said...

Oh, my dearest Stacie, I LOVE you, and am excited to hear that you and Steve are talking at night, almost in secret, it seems, just because you have that time with him. It is good to hear. I know there are still challenges, and I know you will meet them with grace because you stay filled with the Holy Spirit.

As to groceries, azurestandard.com
is a wonderful way to investigate how to cut back. We almost always eat oatmeal for b'fast. You can buy it by the 50# bag (or small if storage is an issue). That is what we ate when my kids were growing up and we lived off the land. Granola made from that oats is great for a 'once or twice a week special b'fast too. Oatmeal griddlecakes (waffles)are delicious! I am fortunate to have a source for eggs at $1 a dozen!! Milk has gone up to $3 a gallon, but it is wholesome. If you had a grain grinder you could even grind your own wheat which would be even cheaper...like we do. Again, you have to have storage for the wheat berries. You know, I'm sure, that we ate beans when my kids were growing up: beans and tortillas, beans and cornbread, beans and rice. A large bag of pinto beans is really inexpensive. For holidays like Christmas we would splurge, buying a can of olives and an avacado for the beans and tortillas (that were also made from scratch). This was when I was teaching 50 miles away from home too! Pintos cook up quickly in the crockpot. We ate no treats except for a blackberry cobbler on Sunday. I know it sounds rigid and thin for a life, but we were incredibly poor...by choice. Voluntary poverty was a popular way to live by some of us back in the 80's. So, there you have it...some quite UNacceptable ideas, I'm sure!! smile

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