Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No 24 Hour Overtime Shift, Yeah!

Steve called last night and said that he didn't have to work the 24 hour overtime shift. So he is home today and I get more of a break hopefully. I need to get my hair colored bad, so he's going to watch the kids while I sit in a chair and talk grown up talk for two hours.

Josh is going riding with Papa Russ today and spending the night at the Ranch. Dad will bring him home tomorrow in time to go to Trudy's.

I am tired for some reason. I got sleep last night, which was wonderful, but I think it made me even more tired. Crazy!

I got up this morning at 6:00 and read my Bible. I was directed to Psalms and felt an immediate need to pray for the people in the Congo that are fleeing the violence from the 21 year old conflict due to the Lord's Rebellion Army. It is so bad that they are actually fleeing by the hundreds everyday to seek refuge in the Sudan, if you can believe that. My heart broke for them and I claimed God's protection and rescue over them. I know there are many Christians in the Congo and in the Sudan who are suffering greatly.

I homeschooled the kids today and put in the slowcooker some beef stroganoff for dinner tonight. It should be a relaxing day.

I am blessed!

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