Friday, October 10, 2008

Hunting Widow

Steve has gone out again to try to bag a deer. He spotted a three-point at my father's ranch yesterday so now he's obsessed. He had a spike within shooting range, but opted not to shoot it hoping he will get this bigger one. He has only shot spikes and forked horns, so he wants something bigger this time. I kind of don't blame him.

He took Josh and Marcus out with him. Instead of homeschooling they are out traipsing around the countryside figuring out where the deer are and getting good exercise. It's great PE, Animal Science and if he shoots the deer and guts it, it will make a great anatomy project! Forget dissecting a sheep's eyeball! This is the real thing!

I get to have some one on one with Jess today. I love homeschooling her by herself. She is a great little pupil.

We went to the library yesterday, so we are going to have a book reading fest today.

The kids and I are trying to come up with a theme for our next "cultural party". Two years ago we did a German party with German food, decorations, and we learned a bunch of the language. This year we are tossing around the idea of Samoa, China, or Scotland. I got two videos at the library, one on Samoa and one on China to see if we can be swayed one way or the other. If we choose Samoa, Paulette is going to have to come and give us a crash-course on the Samoan language (greetings and such). She can also help us with figuring out the food and decorations and such. It would probably look like a Luau, but it would be fun regardless. I'm thinking about doing it for Jessica and Andrew's birthday party for this next year. It would be a month after the baby is born.

I love having something to look forward too.

Speaking of looking forward to something. I can't wait to go visit my friend, Catherine in Grangeville, Idaho next month! Margaret and I are going to ride up together and go see her in her domain! I'm looking forward to meeting her DIL and SIL along with their grandchildren who just moved from Hawaii. I have never been to her church and have heard so much about the congregation that it would be great to put some faces on the names. We are going up the weekend before Thanksgiving. The last time I went there was 3 years ago. The first night we were there my sister fell down their steep stairs in the dark and broke her collarbone. We stayed one more night and then came home. It was very traumatic for all of us and wasn't much of a visit. So I'm praying things will go better this time!

I need to go get my Blueberry Banana Spice Muffins out of the oven. Yummy!


Cat said...

Yiketty, yiketty!! Can you hear me squealing? I am so excited to have you come. It will be a dream come true, that's for certain. I love the sound of something to look forward to, like your Samoan festival. It began snowing yesterday...well, I call it "flaking" because it doesn't come down much, and it doesn't stick...yet.

I've promised my schoolkids hot chocolate on the first day of snow, so I have the cups set out. After their spelling test we'll get "down and chocolately" as they say in poker...or maybe they don't. Anyway, I'm off to get prepared even more.

Anonymous said...

blueberry banana :)

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