Thursday, October 23, 2008


I just thought I would share a little of what I'm doing with the kids right now in regards to school. Many people ask me, so they must find it interesting.

I'll start with each child.

Joshua is ten and I start him out with two pages of phonics (Modern Curriculum Press) and one page of spelling (Abeka). Those are both front and back pages. Then I do Third Grade Saxon Math. I have them do only one side because it is so repetitive. They usually have one or two math fact sheets that I have him do every other problem. In the afternoons I have him do spelling. He chooses words and makes his own list. I don't let him do things that are underneath his level, but he usually chooses words that are way above his level and spells them anyway because he likes the words! Lately, we've been on an Indiana Jones kick. So he has had words like "Indiana, Jones, temple, crusade, whip, idol." It's great because he doesn't fight me on spelling this way. Then I have him read 10 minutes out loud to me of a book of his choosing. This is probably his least favorite part. That is why I keep it only to 10 minutes. I then have him write five sentences in his journal about any subject he chooses. When he goes to Trudy's for educational therapy, I usually have him do just a few of these things so he doesn't fall behind.

Marcus is eight. I have him do his own spelling list as well. I don't push phonics on him much because he really gets it. I instead use a Second Grade Bob Jones English book on him that goes into more of the language use. I think it's way more advanced then most Second Grade English, but it is working for us. He does one page front and back of that. He journals three sentences in his journal and he reads 10 minutes out loud. He reads a lot to himself, so I don't worry about it that much. He does Third Grade Saxon math and loves it.

Jessica is doing great. She is five and we do Bob Jones Worktext that covers everything from reading, English, Science, history and Bible stories. She loves it. We also do Bob Jones Math for Kindergarten. She does two or three pages, sometimes more if she is really excited about the subject. I just let her go until she wants to quit. I try to have her read to me at least one phonics book.

For all the kids I combine science and history. For science, we have an awesome selection of DVDs and videos of every kind. We utilize our library's resources as well. We have been studying bugs a lot this year. We also use Magic School Bus books and DVDS. I think I own every one of their DVDs. I've learned a ton with them!

History we are working on going through some Abeka material. It has been great. It profiles key American figures and has all kinds of interesting facts from a Biblical perspective. We have just done Columbus, John Smith, and Pocahontas. We will be doing Miles Standish next. It's falling in perfect order to cover Columbus Day and Thanksgiving that is coming up.

For Culture and Anthropology studies, we are going to have a Samoan birthday party for Jessica. We will invite our friends and family and will learn all kinds of things about the Polynesian culture in general. We have already watched a video and learned a ton of what they eat, where and how they live. I will invoke my Samoan friend, Paulette to teach us some greetings as well. Luckily, her party isn't until May 15! So I have plenty of time.

My kids love to reenact everything. So they are really into WWII again, thanks to Indiana Jones. They play with their Legos a lot and they are continually building and creating "sets" outside, which thoroughly annoy me because my yard looks constantly trashed!

My kids learn to work with their chores (they do not get an allowance), and they can earn money by doing extra chores here or at their Nana and Papa's. Marcus has a job with his Grandma Regina at her little farm and learns all kinds of animal husbandry there. He really likes taking care of the chickens and is always teaching me interesting facts about them.

Marcus, Jessica and Andrew and I garden together. Jessica and Andrew even help me in the flower garden. They are learning weeds from flowers.

I had Marcus pull out my dead plants from the garden yesterday. I would like to get more manure and straw into the beds before winter sets in. We are learning to garden together. It's a giant experiment.

We also made crystals this year. They are begging me to do it again, so maybe today we can start another crystal growing project. We'll see how much energy I have.

There is much more that they learn in life. Cooking, cleaning, different movies they watch. I believe none of it is wasted. Character building comes first in my book. Academics come second. God always reminds me of this when I start to focus on academics too much.


Cat said...

You are a whiz of a mother/teacher!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You are so inspiring me! I'm so glad you are doing everything before me. I'm watching and learning!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I love the freedom of homeschooling and the freedom of being eclectic in everyway! I'm enjoying it this year and I hope it stays that way.

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