Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Got Brave!

I dropped the boys off at their practices and decided to head over to Sorosis Park with the three little ones to kill some time. I usually avoid this park because it is really hard to see the kids and keep track of them all. I was thrilled to see my friend, Helena there with her Uncle and her boys. I rarely get to see her and really talk, so it was fun to chase the kids, talk and chase the kids some more. Her boys are so precious and are very close to age as Andrew and Jacob. Helena is Czech and I love to here her talk. She has a beautiful accent and love to hear her get after her boys in Czech. She comes to Mom's Morning Out and to our church. She has also attended a few of the Bible studies that I've hosted in my home. Her parents just came for a long visit and had to go back last weekend. It was very hard on Helena and I know she misses her family very much. I am so thankful that my family is near and not half a world away.

The kids had a ball playing and I had a ball chatting! A great combination...

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Cat said...

I'm so glad you could connect with someone who was "divinely appointed" to meet you when you got brave and stepped away from the big boys to let the little ones play on the playstructure. God is so sweet that way!

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