Saturday, October 25, 2008

EARLY morning

I woke up to the sound of chatting on the baby monitor. Now I know that Jacob doesn't talk yet, so I knew I was in big trouble. I ran into the living room to find out what was going on after I looked at the clock. 5:30 a.m is what it said in glowing red letters! Mama is mad! Joshua, Marcus and Jessica come running out of Jacob's room holding Jakers saying, "he was fussing, Mom, so we got him up." I told them they all better get back in bed and not wake up Andrew. I told them that I sometimes let Jacob fuss a little in the mornings because he goes back to sleep. Well, needless to say, they woke up Andrew because they couldn't be quiet. They are laying there until 6:30 to think about it. Of course, no one could tell me who woke everyone up first. I told them they better get their stories straight or else!

So I checked my email after I put in a Bible video for Andrew and Jacob. I found a great email in my inbox from Ilam and Francesca from Kenya. I had time to respond a lengthy one back. It is such a blessing to be able to help these people.

Steve got about 8 or 9 hours of overtime yesterday. He works 24 hours today, so it will be another long haul by myself. I have a few projects I want to get done around here today. I need to mow the front lawn and have the kids pick up their toys outside. I also want to get some manure and straw into the garden beds before it freezes and we can't.

Josh goes to ACTS this morning and Marcus was invited to his friends house for the afternoon and evening. It will be nice for them to have a break from each other. They have been fighting a lot lately.

Last night we watched Parent Trap together as a family. This was one of my all time favorite movies growing up. The kids loved it! After the movie Josh and I got into a lengthy discussion about his anger towards his siblings. Andrew knocked over a glass of milk while trying to steal Josh's popcorn. Josh shouldn't have had milk in the living room and refused to take any responsibility for it. It was frustrating going round and round with him and having him not understand that it WAS partially his fault. I caught him trying to spank Andrew which was NOT OK. So we had to talk about that, too. We ended up talking till nine at night. He still believes that Marcus is smarter then him and I had to reassure him once again that school comes easier for Marcus, but that he is not smarter then Josh, just different. Josh is smart. He proves it every day. It broke my heart that he is picking up on the fact that Marcus has an easier time learning then he does. He just wants God to take away his "focus problem". I told him about Paul and how he wanted his "thorn" to be taken from him, but God chose to leave it to depend on Him. I explained that we all have thorns and that it forces us to accept His grace in our lives. When we are weak, he is strong. He asked me to pray for him so I did. He seemed to feel better afterwards. I need to pray for him more often. He had a lot of anger built up. As a parent, I realize communication needs to keep flowing even if it is frustrating at times. His main beef is that he doesn't want go to Trudy's. It always boils down to that. It is work, and he doesn't like it. He doesn't see that it is a long term thing and he wants everything to be over with quickly so he can move on to Fourth Grade. I told him that we can't do that or he will fail the test at the end. So I tried to explain that he needs to be careful to read ALL the directions and not just look at the paper and assume he knows what to do. This has been a huge problem for him. He rushes through and then he ends up getting the entire page wrong because he didn't read all the directions. He wants to hurry up, get it done so he can play. I don't know how to get him out of this mode except to keep doing what I am doing.

Josh is an amazing kid. He knows more about wars and machines and boats then any kid I know. If he is interested in something, he researches it and studies it until he knows the subject forwards and backwards.

That's about all. I need to get off here and start feeding some kids and do my Bible study.


Naomi said...

I'll be keeping Josh in my prayers. It is so hard to have a sensitive child. I think you are doing a great job with him. Keep sowing those seeds and fruit will grow............eventually. I think you are so right to focus on his strengths. Could some of his school work incorporate the things he is good at? Thus making him more interested in learning about them. Just an idea. Love ya.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I give him a lot of freedom in his schooling to pursue the interests that he has. That is what I LOVE about homeschooling. I really believe in delight-directed studies.

Love ya, too!


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