Saturday, October 4, 2008

Amazing Imaginations!

The kids were outside for a long time so I went and checked on them. They had dug a hole in the driveway and built a cross. They tied Marcus' stuffed monkey to it and said it was Jesus on a cross. Here Josh is nailing the "Jesus, King of the Jews" sign on it.
Then I looked over by the carport. There was this weird contraption with pink chalk all over it. Jessica said it was an executioner platform. She laid down and Marcus pretended to cut her head of with a rake. OK, it's gross, but they are paying attention to history! We have been studying a lot about King Henry VIII and his Wives and Queen Elizabeth I's reign. I thought the straw was a nice touch! It soaks up the "blood" which was what the pink chalk was for.
The final product of "Jesus dying on a cross". Poor Abu. I told them they need to take him down today and bury him.
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

How creative! When they act these things out, it is cementing it into their minds. Too funny! The straw was a great detail. It is amazing what kids pick up on.

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