Thursday, October 2, 2008

911 AGAIN!

I have to share what happened yesterday. Steve and I left the two older boys to go grocery shopping. We had been gone about 1/2 hour when Josh called me saying he had been using the stapler when he accidently stapled his fingers. I guess it was actually stuck in his finger and he didn't know what to do. He panicked and said he tried to call me, but my phone never rang (I still can't figure that one out since he was able to call me AFTER he called 911). He said "Marcus called 911!) What!!!! Steve and I both panicked picturing an ambulance coming to our house on a "stapled finger". They said the dispatcher told him to pull the staple out and put a bandaid on it. So we went home and examined the "damaged" finger. I couldn't even tell a staple had been in it. They were really scared we would be mad, so we tried to keep a lid on it, but Steve told them again when it was appropriate to call 911. They apologized and we forgave them. How embarrassing! Steve knows all those guys at the Dispatch Center.

God used it though as he uses everything. Steve is now going to make a homeschool first-aid class for the three older kids. He is going to cover everything. He seemed really excited about it. I love it because it covers anatomy and first-aid!

Steve has been so sweet lately. Very helpful with the kids. He took Jessica out yesterday to scout deer with him on the 4-wheeler. She loved it. I didn't homeschool her that day because I thought that building that relationship and learning all about deer and the enviroment would be way more hands on then some math and phonics pages! Steve said she is a four-wheelin' mama!

Steve has to work from 8 to 8 today. He comes home and sleeps and then will work from 8 a.m. on Friday to 8:00 a.m. Saturday. Basically, we won't see him for 2 days.

The day is going well so far. I am making it a priority to get my cup of coffee in the morning and sit down and do my Bible study BEFORE I make breakfast. It is nice to do it that way. It makes the kids hungrier. You should have seen them gobbling up my biscuits and gravy this morning. The boys each had 2 and then they had a huge bowl of yogurt on top of that. They are really starting to get an appetite. I love it when they eat my food. It makes me feel good to not have any leftovers.

It was fun shopping with Steve yesterday. He is good at it and very efficient. We got a lot accomplished in a short time. I am blessed to have a husband that helps me shop. My dad HATES to shop.

Jessica's friend, Ann is coming over today. We are excited to have her come over. She is a sweet thing. I'll make dinner and take Josh and Jess to soccer practice. Should be a fairly relaxing day.

Oh, I made some fresh salsa today, too, for Steve. He loves it. I like mine cooked. I hate raw tomatoes. I know I'm weird!

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