Thursday, September 4, 2008


Wow, today has been strange. I woke up feeling OK, and then after breakfast I started feeling really yucky. I still am and it is now 3:15 p.m. I hope it is just morning sickness and not me coming down with something else.

Steve was great though, he took Andrew to his foot massage and then took all the kids to the park and the library. He then took them to McDonalds. I was able to really rest.

When Steve went to pay Debra, she refused him and said that she wanted to help us out with Andrew's foot. She didn't want any money! That saves $15 a week! What a blessing. She is also trying to get her prenatal massage license, so she asked if I would be her "guinea pig". I told her sure! So I get free massages once a month until I have the baby. She will be in the delivery room with me and try to relieve back pain and such. It will hopefully replace the need for an epideral. All for FREE! Can you believe how God blesses us?

Josh did his homework really quick this morning so that he could go ride horses with Papa Russ. He had a lot of fun until a black horse fly started bothering Dundee. I guess Dundee kicked at it and it kind of scared him. Oh well, he needs to get used to horses jumping around a little. I reminded him that he didn't get bucked off and all went well. I so appreciate Dad taking him out!

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