Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're Off

Bags are packed (along with everything else) and I'm waiting for Steve to come home with the car from Portland. When he gets here, I'll load up everything and Josh and Jess and take off for Mom's.

A lady at church gave me a box full of tiny apples. I tried to get through it today, but only got half way done. I'm going to put them in the freezer and make apple sauce.

Well, he's here, so I'm gone!

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Cat said...

Stacie, I miss you already! We simply must talk one of these days, but with schooling for both of us the schedule is tight, I know.

Make your life simple by putting apples in your crockpot with the stuff you want for sauce like sweetener and cinnamon. At the end of the day you have sauce. It is so easy. Of course we eat the peels here too because they are loaded with the pectin we need in our instestines, but I understand most don't want peels in their sauce. We eat it chunky too so it's even easier. Happy saucing when you get home! C.

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