Saturday, September 20, 2008


The ultrasound went well. Steve didn't show up (he was working, but promised he would try to make it if he could), I was so emotional that I started crying with my poor doctor. I was really embarrassed. I couldn't believe how disappointed I was. I really enjoy seeing the baby with Steve for the very first time. Later he told me that he had forgotten about the appointment. I wanted to get angry, but I knew it was an honest mistake. How many times have I forgotten something?

Anyways, the baby is healthy and very active. We have three pictures of him/her. The doctor asked me if I wanted to know what it was, and I was so tempted. He said he might be able to tell. I couldn't believe it at 12 weeks. I told him no. I think it might be a girl. We'll see. You know what? I'm just glad there was only ONE baby in there!!!!

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Naomi said...

SO good to hear that everything is healthy and well.

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