Monday, September 1, 2008

Tractors, First Day of School and Recipe Disaster

Today was our first day of offical school. We congratulated Jessica for her first official day of Kindergarten. We started the morning off with Amish Friendship Bread, and chores. 9:00 AM sharp we started school. I told the kids if they had good attitudes then I would get the Crystal Making Kit out. They had great attitudes and so we started working on our "Diamond Crystals". We'll see how it goes...

I made lunch (leftovers) and then we watched a little "El Cid". At 2:00 p.m. I took Andrew, Jess and Jacob to Papa's hay field. Andrew got to ride with Papa two times around and Jess once. They loved it! I talked with Uncle Amos (a very shy man) and it was very pleasant. He helps my dad farm.

My stepmom got a 2 1/2 inch sliver in her wrist from moving books on a bookshelf at school. The poor thing went to the emergency room on Saturday and they got most of it out. She thought there might be more in there and went back today. She went in at 10:00 a.m. and she called me at 4:30 p.m. she was just getting out. She was in tears saying that they couldn't find anything. That must have felt like such a big waste of time. She said she has another one inch hole in her arm. Ouch! I've been praying for her.

I got in the mood for Reinlander's German Onion Bier Soup. I went online and got a recipe. I think I used too dark a beer. It is really bitter. I am still simmering it hoping that it will cook off. I just hate to give up on a recipe. I also don't like the flavor of Olive Oil in it. I think veggie oil would have been better.

Jacob is STILL teething. I'm hoping it will come through today. He is such a bear.

Andrew just pooped in the toilet! The first in a long while. I'm so excited for him. I keep telling him he'll get to be a Cubbie as soon as he is all the way potty-trained. I hope he makes it!

Trudy is coming over tonight to go over Josh's Personal Education Plan. I will turn it in to the ESD tomorrow.

That's about it. I still haven't done my Bible study. I need to do that before I get on here next time. Oops! I just broke my own rule. I usually don't get on the computer or read recreationally unless I've done my Bible study. It helps keep me accountable when I say I don't have "time". I do have time, it's the way I choose to spend it.

Blessings to you! And hey, thanks for reading. Leave me a comment if you get a chance. It's nice to know people are out there interested in my life. It's actually a great feeling, to be truthful.


Naomi said...

I read every entry you make. I love keeping up with you this way. The beer soup tastes a bit yucky. Hope it turned out ok.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I simmered it for about 8 hours. There wasn't much left. I tried to eat it last night but it was too strong. I'm going to add a little water to it and see if that helps. I also put in a little mozzarella after I dished it up. It helped a little. It's just so strong!

Thanks for reading. I love reading your too!

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