Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prayer in the Park

I had the priviledge of meeting my friend, Margaret in the park today. It was so nice to get away a little and just talk and pray. We dealt with some heavy stuff, but it felt good to give it all to God and pray that He will handle it all for us. I am blessed to have such a friend. I even got some large iced espresso's (decaf) to sip on while we talked. Yummy!

I was able to send two more boxes to Africa. I had the Marcus, Jess and Josh write letters and pictures for Ilam and Franchesca's children. I also sent some pictures along with clothes, books and a bag of dry beans. I just hope it helps, even though it is a small offering.

There is no soccer practice tonight, so I am looking forward to a more relaxing evening. Jess and I made a yummy pasta salad and we will make grilled cheese sands to go with it for dinner.

I spoke with Mom and she said they are coming up this weekend and will spend Saturday night with us. That means they get to come and watch the kid's first soccer games on Sunday. Yeah! That means more help for me with the little ones! It make such a difference to have another hand or two!

Homeschooling has gone so smoothly this week. It has actually been pleasant. Josh is not frustrated with the material and it has been smooth sailing because of it. Jess is doing great on her writing, which was an issue before.

I need to scoot. I need to finish my Bible study. I keep getting interrupted and now I'm on here, shame on me!

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