Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feeding Noodles to the Dog

Noodles are hanging out of his mouth.

Bubba discovers boy with noodles. Jacob thinks "This is fun!"
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More Homeschooling Pics

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Mom and Larry

This is Mom and Larry when they came up to visit us a few weekends ago.
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Random Photos

Kids before a soccer game.
Jessica came up to me after the boy's birthdays and said, "I don't have any cool toys, I need new ones." It was the poutiest look she could come up with. I'm so glad I took a picture! That's my belly getting in the way.
Jessica and Andrew being silly!
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Dad's Birthday Party

Dad getting ready to release some hot air.

Cousins Kim and Laura with husband's and Baby Lizzie

Aunt Lillian, Kia (Laura's little girl), Andrew and Jess wait patiently for cake

Jacob loved pushing around the doll carriage!
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Jacob decided to get into the spagetti sauce. He looked like he had been in a fight!

Little Stinker!

Dad always loves to put sunglasses on the kids. OK, I know they are pink and they have a princess on the side. Luckily, he doesn't care!
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A Tea Party

Jess begs me to have tea with her. Marcus always likes to join us. We used my teapot with Nana Ethel's Great-Grandma's tea cups that were given to us. They are very old, but they really wanted to use them. It was a little nerve-wracking. I just don't want them to get broken. They were very careful. I like to have tea parties, just not when Jacob is awake!
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Ultrasound Pics

I know this isn't very good, but I don't have a scanner. I just wanted to show off our baby!
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Their "Crab Boat"

I came home from retreat and the kids were so excited to show me the crab boat that they had made. I thought it was pretty creative. It kept them busy for 2 days!
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My Little Crabber

Andrew's latest thing is being a crab fishermen on a crab boat. He gears up in his "suit" and goes to find crab.

He'll do this when it's 85 degrees out!
Now he is pretending to put his survival suit on! He loves to watch "World's Deadliest Catch"!
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Called 911

Yesterday was interesting. Josh was with Trudy at her house doing his ed therapy. She called me at 12:20 and said she had been looking for Josh for 20 minutes and that he was missing. I was so scared.

I ended up calling 911 and the police found him almost half way home. He had gone way further then she thought he had. I guess he had been hiding behind a tree by the corner of her street after she said she would meet him at the corner. She didn't see him and kept going thinking he might have misunderstood her and went to a different corner. He saw her leave and got scared so he took off in the direction of home. He thought he was lost and kept praying "Lord, guide me!" over and over again. It was scary because I knew Josh wasn't one to just take off. I couldn't imagine why he would. After he got home, we had a very long talk about it all. He apologized for scaring me.

It was quite the adventure and I hated the feeling of having NO CONTROL whatsoever. I could just pray.

Well, I've packed and can't wait to go to the Women's Retreat this weekend with my sis and her friend, Paulette. We are going to have such a fun time! It will be nice to have a break. Steve will watch the kids until Mom gets here and then he'll be off Saturday to help. Sunday he goes back to work but will get off for soccer games. I'll be back around 4:00 p.m.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lunch with Margaret

I had a wonderful day today. I went to MOPS and really enjoyed myself. The ladies there are so uplifting and sweet. I love our prayer time. Ann made us French Bread with homemade pesto. Yummy! Then I dropped the kids off at home and took Margaret to the French resteraunt for her birthday. We had a private table and was able to converse deeply about what was going on in our lives. It was sweet fellowship and I left encouraged. Steve and I had a long talk with the boys about responsiblity and they ended up missing soccer practice for having done a sloppy job on their chores. We told them that we are NOT teaching them responsiblity and that the Bible tells us to discipline. Steve really displayed some spiritual leadership of the home and I am pleased. Even after yelling at them, he apologized and made no excuses for his behavior.

He made dinner while I balanced the checkbook. We had made a $300 error and I still wasn't able to find it. Kind of discouraging.

Monday, September 22, 2008

More Civil War Party

Making yummy homemade vanilla ice cream with Grandma Kricket.
Josh and Josiah in their best Civil War Soldier Pose.
Jessica, the camp cook/nurse. I accidently got this on twice and couldn't figure out how to delete it. Sorry!

The "Battle of Whitesellburg"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Civil War Birthday Pictures

Josh, Marcus and Josiah's birthday theme was the Civil War. They got all dressed up! The cake was adorable. Marcus and I did it. I love the pic of Josiah all dressed up! Fun!!!!

Westward Ho Parade

Here is the family at the Westward Ho Parade at the Pendleton Roundup.

Back Row from L to R: Stepdad, Larry, me, Grandma Mary, Grandma Kricket, Mom's friend, Sharon

Front Row: Josh, Marcus, Josiah (nephew) Jessica is holding Hailey

Hailey and Her Rose

This is my niece, Hailey, looking at a rose. Isn't it lovely?
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