Friday, August 22, 2008

Swimming Lessons Over

Yeah, swimming lessons have come to a completion today. Mrs. Dirksen was so sweet. She let Andrew and Josh in the pool too. The pool has this cool waterslide, so Josh and Marcus got to slide down that. She worked with Andrew a bit on kicking his legs and he has such a sweet smile on his face. Next year we will put Andrew, Jess and Marcus in for swimming lessons.

Steve is going to Spooky's to use his birthday gift certificates. I'm not feeling well this morning (I think it's morning sickness), so he is trying to help out by going there and bringing the food back to us.

Today will be a mellow day. No plans, maybe just pack some for our trip. I like this kind of day!

I talked to Steve about getting one of those really safe trampolines for the kids instead of replacing our pool. He sounded all for it. I couldn't believe it. He told me before he would NEVER get one for his kids because they aren't safe. They have really improved them, and it is such great exercise. You don't have to buy chemicals either! So, we'll be keeping our eyes open for one.


Cat said...

I'm all for the trampoline too, like I have a say in it, but what will you do in July and August when it is 110 degrees and you need a cooling off????? I'm for a pool too, girl, who cares about chemicals when it is too hot?

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Well, I watched Margaret put a sprinkler under hers and the kids had a blast!

I don't have to worry about Jacob and Andrew drowning in a sprinkler either!

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