Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well, I swallowed and felt something going down the back of my throat. It tasted wierd so I got a flashlight. Sure enough, puss pockets coating the back of my throat. Yuck! I called a bunch of people to see if they could watch the kids so I could go up to the ER (it's a Saturday). Finally got a hold of Margaret. She willingly came and watched all the kids while I went. I got up there and after an hour and a half tested positive for Strep Throat. They put me on antibiotics, but I'm contagious for two days still. I pray that the kids and Steve don't get this.

No wonder I felt like crud! Margaret was such a sweetie she asked if Josh and Jessica could spend the night with her. Then as she was packing everything in the car she said God was telling her to bring Andrew, too. This is totally out of her comfort zone. I was so thrilled. He is probably the hardest one right now. So Marcus stayed home with me and we are watching Garfield and ordered a pizza. He's helping me with Jacob, which is so nice. He didn't complain once about being left behind.

So, bless you, Margaret! I love you and thank you for answering my "Help me, Lord" prayer!

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Naomi said...

Oh Margaret sounds like such a blessing. I am glad you found out what it was and were able to get some help so you could rest. If I took antibiotics when I was pregnant I would get the worst side effects. Thinking of you.

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