Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Steve Goes Camping

OK, last week's camping trip didn't pan out, but today, Steve DID take the four older kids camping. He is so brave! I kept thinking he might cancel again, because the weather was looking rather nasty before he was about to leave. He went for it though! I am staying home with Jacob. I just laid down and took a nap (what a treat) and now I'm catching up on my blog. I will probably head out to the Deschutes campground and visit for a bit before dinner.

Now I need to go and do my Bible study before the munchkin wakes up.

Oh, by the way, yesterday was a real hard day. Josh accidently broke the pool. I was so angry at him, that it took me awhile to forgive him. He genuinely felt bad, so that finally helped me get over it. Our friend, Paul, came over to look at it and felt that it could be fixed. I vented on my MIL, and she was so sweet, she even called me back that night to make sure I was OK. I had asked her if she thought I should punish Josh, but she felt like he might have been punished enough knowing he had ruined everyone's fun. I did decide that he will pick up the shrubs that had been cut down by my garden, to pay for the glue that I will have special order. I think a consequence is in order, since he was disobeying when he broke the pool. The ladder does not belong IN the pool, but half way in and half way out! Grrrrr!

Marcus was very sweet today. This gave me hope! I must have turned the baby monitor down too far, because I woke up at 6:45 a.m. and didn't hear anything. I thought that was strange, since Jacob almost always gets up around 6:15 a.m. I snuck out of the bedroom and there was Marcus and Jacob. I asked him when if Jacob had been crying. He said he had been, so he took him out and played with him until I got up. What a sweetie! I told him how much I appreciated the extra sleep and that it meant a lot to me that he took the initiative. I love that kid!

The kids and I had our own "Mythbusters" experiment yesterday. Steve accidentally killed my beautiful dogwood when he weed-eated around it and took the bark off of it. Well, there is this ugly dead tree in my yard that I want to get rid of. I tried digging it up once to transplant it and it was way too much work, so I thought I would put a rope around it and pull it out with the Suburban. All the kids were watching and cheering me on. Well, the first time I used a pretty weeny rope. I didn't think it would hold, but you never know. I backed the Sub up and it snapped. So I went into the shed and got a big thick rope (it looked a little old though), tied it all up and backed up again. SNAP! I retied it and Snap again! I think the only way it will work is with a huge chain, which I don't have. So I'll be calling my daddy soon and see what he suggests.

I counted that Physics for the day!

Steve just called me and said it was sprinkling, and he forgot the cover to the tent. So I guess I will be going out there as soon as Jacob is finished with his nap.

That's all for now!

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