Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Quick Trip!

Wow, yesterday was a blur. Jess, Andrew and I left at 8:30 a.m. with my folks to go to LaGrande for Hailey's party. We got there in a hurry. I brought my MP3 player that Steve bought me for our 13th anniversary, and I never even got to listen to it. Jessica and Andrew listened to it the whole time. It was cool though, because I enjoyed talking with my folks uninterrupted. Jessica kept listening to "Black Sheep" by Jon Anderson over and over. She kept singing it and it just cracked me up.

We got there on time and had a wonderful BBQ. My mom and step dad were there along with Michael's folks. Several of Jackie's friends were there that I got to know even better. It was a lovely day, nice and sunny with a light breeze. Hailey was sooooo cute! She loved her cake and Jackie did a great job letting her dive into it! Of course we had to raz Jackie about all the sugar, hydrogenated oils, refined flour and food coloring she was letting her daughter eat. She took it well, though! It's nice to be able to tease her about her healthy eating without her getting defensive. She can dish it back, too, which makes it fun!

Hailey was so sweet. She kept coming over to me and snuggling. She also walked to me several times. It was great to see her taking steps. Josiah loved seeing Jessica and of course they had a ball! Andrew had a great time too.

We left about 4:00 p.m. and I thought for sure the kids would sleep on the way home. Not a wink! Andrew got really chatty and kind of stinkery, but we still had fun with him. Jess listened to the MP3 player most of the way back.

When we got home, Jacob was so glad to see us. Right now he's smiling at Jess and I through the window. He does have a sweet little smile!

After we got the kids to bed at 8:00 p.m., Steve and I sat on the couches and talked for an hour. It was so nice to just unwind. He had a bunch of questions about the party and seemed genuinely interested in my friends and how they are doing. I soooo appreciate that my husband talks to me like a friend. I know there are many women that would love to have a half hour conversation with their husbands, let alone and hour!

Oh, on Friday night, we went bowling with the Chouinard's. It was quite impromptu but an absolute blast! The kids did great! It's so great to be able to hang out with a family that we have so much in common with. Rachel and I and her daughter Ann went to go see Mama Mia at the theatres. It was not my favorite. I honestly forgot how I don't like musicals. It was very much like Grease with kind of a lot of crass humor. It did have a good story line that was pretty original. My favorite part was hanging out with my friend. Ann fell asleep on my lap towards the end of the movie. It was so sweet. I think she loves me!

I am doing well. I am so happy. I love my husband, my children, my family and my friends. I am blessed beyond measure.

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