Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not Fun

I forgot how much I hate soccer practices! If it were just me watching the kids practice it would be fun. It is so not fun when you are chasing a three year old and a one year old. I'm so done by six O'Clock and Jess's practice is just beginning by then.

It didn't help that today was swimming lessons in the morning and soccer at night. I was trying to keep Andrew and Jacob out of the pool or Jacob from throwing things into the pool. Man, he keeps me busy!

Tomorrow, Steve is off so I should be in a lot better shape. Praise God next week we are going on vacation so I only have to do one soccer practice, but Steve is off, so I think I'll ask him to take care of it.

Jess's coach seemed like he really new what he was doing. I think she is going to develop some good skills from him. I love Marcus' coach. Great Christian guy, Chris Ley. He's married to my friend, Karlie. Also, Rachel's Elijah is on Marcus' team, so that means we get to be soccer mom's on the same team. How cool is that! She helped me by bringing Marcus home today since the practices overlapped and they were on different fields. That was so nice.

I'm going to bed! Can't wait to get some shuteye. Oh, I'm eight weeks along today!

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