Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not Feeling Well

This past two days, I have had some kind of a cold, I'm imagining. I am very achy, sick, and tired. I've been laying around trying to get better. The trouble is, is I'm sick of laying around. I just want to get better. My throat hurts worse today then yesterday. I have no appetite, but if I don't eat, the morning sickness gets me. I ran out of Tylenol today, so I called a friend and she brought me a whole bottle. I'm so thankful. I was trying to drink the kids stuff. It was really horrible. When you are an adult you have to take 5 tsps of the stuff.

Andrew has been really naughty today. He went into the boys room today and tore off all of their bedding and dumped most of their toys. I lost it with him. He is now not allowed in the boys room. The boys are in their cleaning it and getting rid of all of Jess and Andrew's toys so it's just theirs.

I just put Jacob down for a nap and it's 12:00. It's over a 100 degrees outside so it's not really fun for them to be outside. Suffice it to say we've been on a Lord of the Rings marathon. I hate watching TV all day. I thought I would come and update my blog real quick. At least I'm sitting up this way.

My friend, Rachel, called. She is pregnant! She is just 2 weeks behind me. We were only a month apart with our last ones, so this is really exciting. Now we are waiting for Toni to give us some news. Come on Toni! We're waiting!

One good thing that I can think of is that Andrew is definitely on the road to being potty-trained. He has not had an accident yet today! The real test will be when he poops. So we'll see...

I think I'm going to order pizza tonight. It will be easy and little clean up.

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Naomi said...

Hope you get better soon Stacie. It is yuck to have a cold when it is hot outside and you are pregnant.

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