Sunday, August 24, 2008

Marcus is Maturing

Marcus has really been a great helper lately. Almost every morning, he hears Jacob stirring and goes and gets him. I have his milk sitting on the counter so Marcus grabs it and plays with him on the couch. It is so nice if I'm emailing or reading the Bible, I can finish up before I snuggle with him.

Marcus has a problem of talking to much, so we went to the Bible and talked about how a "chattering fool comes to ruin". I explained that I struggle with this too. I think he "got it" for his age, but he still needs to really learn it.

The verse we keep saying to one another lately is "let the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart, be pleasing to you, Oh Lord."

Jessica even said yesterday after being mean to one of her brothers, "I'm not building him up, am I?". Wow! I couldn't believe she got it! Those little bits of harvest feel sooo good. I know they are listening, I know they are still plaible and I want to be the best mother that I can be.

Andrew and I have been reading the Bible together and he is picking up on more of it. I'm trying to be more intentional.


Cat said...

You and your blog (the writing of it) are awsome, Stacie! I loved hearing about how you were moved by the Spirit today. And how your children are growing in their walk because you take their lives seriously. I'm glad to know you've already met the Maxwell people. I had a feeling about their books; you confirmed it. Good. Keep on keepin' on, girl!!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thanks, Catherine! I appreciate that!

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