Friday, August 1, 2008

Kids, Groceries, and Mothering in General

Steve took Josh, Marcus, Jessica and Andrew swimming and then bowling today. I appreciate him giving me a break. Jacob was sleeping and now he's on my lap while I try to type this. We'll see how far I get.

He was going to take them camping tonight, but while I was doing errands, I guess they were really naughty. He said he didn't know if he could take going camping with them, he said he might end up yelling at them. At least he was aware of it. He said he would take them next week.

If you are wondering why I'm not going, it's because I hate camping with babies! Jacob is a loud screamer and I would be so worried if he were waking up other campers, I wouldn't be able to sleep. I'm always worried if babies are cold or not, since they never keep their blankets on.

I mowed the lawn yesterday and ended up grocery shopping with the three little ones. Steve was supposed to go with me but got stuck at the fire station. The kids actually did really well. Not one fit and they were great "helpers", I even got a few compliments from some elderly people. That felt good!

Today, Josh went with me to the Post Office and patiently waited as I got four boxes ready to be mailed to Kenya. It took about a half a hour. I told him I was grateful for his help to carry those boxes in for me. It's so nice now that some of them are bigger and I can actually use their muscles!

As far as "letting my words be few", I'm doing...O.K. I'm just not where I want to be with it, but I know I'm more aware and catching myself. I'm getting a lot better with Steve, but not with my kids. I'm frustrating my kids when I just assume they aren't going to do something I told them to do. Jessica said, yesterday, "Mom, you don't have to tell me twice!" I realized I didn't even give her a chance the first time to get it done before I ordered her to do it again! Yikes! I need to get better at that.

I'm not doing the "Love and Logic" as much as I should be. I need to really stop reminding the kids so much and again, try to teach them responsibility as the consequences happen to them for not obeying, or for procrastinating and such.

I had a great conversation with my friend this afternoon. She is a mother of four and just really encouraged me that I am ministering to my kids and it's OK that I am tired. I do not have to have my "game" on all the time. If a mother of one or two is expected to have a bad day or two, why can't a mother of 5 have a bad day every now and then without someone throwing out "Well, you wanted them!" It's not fair! But I realize that people are watching me so closely. They want to see how all this pans out. I can't blame them! When I watch shows like "Kids by the Dozen", I am honestly watching to see if these "perfect mom's" ever lose it with their kids, because it secretly makes me feel better about myself. I wonder if Michelle Dugger (mother of soon to be 18) ever loses her cool and yells at a kid? Inquiring minds want to know!!!! I'll never forget though when she had between 5 or 8 (I can't remember) kids and she was up doing laundry at 12:00 a.m., she said she was so overwhelmed she broke down and cried to out to God, "Help me, you said children are a blessing, but I'm so tired and overwhelmed!" She said that God put a song in her heart, "The Joy of the Lord is my Strength". I LOVE that song, and now sometimes I sing that too when I feel like everything is going South!

So thanks, Toni, for your encouraging words once again! We mom's gotta stick together, don't we!

Tomorrow, I am hitching a ride to LaGrande with my folks. I'm taking Jess and Andrew with me. They are the kids that love to travel. My niece, Hailey is having her one year old birthday party. I can't wait to see the little munchkin. Jessica has a special love for little Hailey. We will bomb up there and back on the same day, so it will be a six hour drive total. I can't wait to see my sis, though!

We have decided to have a Civil War Birthday Bash at her house in September. We are going to have the kids dress up and have a reenactment of our own with barricades and everything in her back yard. We'll have "Civil War" food and everything. The kids are so excited! We will go to Pendleton first for the Westward Ho parade, then we'll stay with my mom. That will be cool, because we don't get to do that very often.

That's it for now. Baby is crying and I need to go and comfort.


Naomi said...

Stace I think you are doing an awesome job. I admire you so much and you always challenge me spiritually to do the very best I can. I love your blog. I check it every day.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thanks, Naomi! I really appreciate your encouragement. It is nice to know that God doesn't waste anything in our lives.

Just so you know, I check yours regularly too.

Love you, Girl!

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