Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Friend's Testimony

There are seven of us now that are taking the 30 Day Challenge. We have been emailing our testimonies to each other to help us get to know each other better. Paulette, my sister's friend shared her testimony with us. It was very powerful and I asked permission to share it on my blog. She whole-heartedly said yes!

So here it is...

"There was a point in my life too, where I felt worthless and unworthy of any happiness what so ever. I wanted to divorce my husband five years ago,and for a while there I even couldn't stand my own children. Death even looked good to me and I almost did the deed, but I was saved by God. He brought into my life a God-fearing woman who represented everything I wanted for myself. She had a beautiful sense of peace about her that made me want to live. I hated her for that and at the same time loved her for what she was. (Love you, Jackie). You see, I felt God had left my side long time ago. From the beginning of my marriage we had problems. I had two miscarriages also in the first three years of our marriage and almost died twice. I made it through that by the skin of my teeth but a paid a heavy toll for doing it all on my own steam. I became empty of all that was me. I did not care about anything or anyone who normally should matter to me. What a life,huh? But don't feel sad for me now ladies. I am filled with so much love from our lord that I love my life now and I look forward to be what he wants me to be. So the moral of my story is that if I can make it out of the hole of self loathing, so can you. I am not ashamed of admitting my pain and suffering to anybody. If my past is what helps someone today than it is all worth while. I am so proud of all of you for not giving up on this challenge and making the effort to connect together in love for our lord. I look forward to reading more of your triumphs over selfishness. Take care and Godbless!"

Isn't God amazing! He changes lives! Thank you, Paulette, for letting me share your story.

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