Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feels Good!

OK, I'm finally getting my second wind! Today has been great! Yesterday, Steve and I sorted through all of Andrew, Jessica, and older boy's clothes. We got rid of everything that didn't fit or they didn't wear. I think this will help them be able to actually shut their drawers. God has blessed us with clothes behond anything you can imagine. I need to get better about keeping them moving though. I think I have at least 20 boxes of clothes in my shed and in the closet. It's crazy!

We also moved everyone's toys to Jacob's room. So it is the toy room and baby room. All he does is sleep in there, so this creates more room in everyone's rooms. The crib broke but instead of replacing it I've decided to just keep Jacob in the playpen. It's safer, if you think about it. It's portable and it takes up a lot less room.

We moved the toddler bed from Jacob's room to Josh and Marcus'. Jessica will not be sleeping on the floor anymore, but in the toddler bed(she loves this idea!) She'll sleep there until the new baby comes. Then I will move her into her room with Jacob. Andrew will go from Jess's room to the toddler bed in the boys room. Whew! If you caught up with that I'm amazed!

I called Rachel this morning. I knew she was getting ready for our camping trip and was all by herself with the 4 kids. Not a good combination. So I asked if the kids could come over and play for awhile so she could run errands or do whatever she needed to do. She was thrilled! So the kids are over rightnow. We just at peanut butter and jelly sands and apple slices. Man, that was a lot of kids around the table! 9 kids! They are being so good! Hannah (the one year old) hasn't fussed once. I was kind of scared to take her because last time she screamed not-stop for 3 hours! I'm glad she's grown out of that.

OK, I'm hearing some screaming I need to scoot!


Cat said...

Wow, life is really busy and active for you, and you can do it. Bravo!! Have you heard of the homeschooling family that writes on how to manage nursing babies, school for 8 kids at home and everything else? The wife also addresses issues of quiet time for moms in the midst of all this. Teri Maxwell is the wife's name that wrote the book, "Meek and Quiet Time", she and her husband wrote, "Managers of Their Homes". Look into these books, Stacie, they looked invaluable at Becky's yesterday. Love, C

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I went to the Maxwell conference last fall. It was interesting, but not really my thing. She had some good ideas, but her scheduling was grueling. She had her whole life scheduled to 15 and half hour increments. I couldn't do that! I LIKE the flexibility that homeschool offers. If I were on a schedule like that I would feel like a failure all the time if I didn't stay on it. She shared that she struggled with severe depression, I think that was her way of solving everything that needed to be done. I'm sure God led her and it worked great for her.

I liked her Meek and Quiet Spirit lecture. It was right on. Her husband was really radical about No TV, no youth group, no friends outside of "family friendships" with other couples. They all wore jumpers, no make up, and long hair. They call it dressing "modestly". It is very modest, but I think you can dress modestly without wearing a jumper. My husband would HATE it if I wore a jumper. You know me, I like to wear skirts, but they need to be stylish and cute, not frumpy. Her husband probably loves that look. So it pleases him. I'm glad we can be different!

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