Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Expecting Baby #6!

I am at liberty to be able to announce that we are pregnant! We are very excited, and hope that all will go well with this pregnancy. Steve and I told the kids this morning and they were running around the house, whooping and yelling!

This might be a birthday baby. I am due April 3rd, one day before my birthday. So for once, I will not be looking forward to having the baby early.

So far I'm feeling sick and insomnia has hit big time, so we seem right on track! I'm actually happy to be feeling this way, knowing they are all good signs. I have been highly emotionally lately (ask Steve), but am working through it by the grace of God. It is amazing to me, how hormones really do affect your emotional state!

The grandparents have been notified and I will be sending out an email to the rest of our friends and family today.

Please pray for us. This is a huge responsibility, one we don't take lightly. We are honored that God has chosen to use us once again to bring life into this world. We pray that we will raise all of our children to be effective members of His Kingdom. No, it is not easy and it is sacrificial. I admit that being pregnant is not the way I want to spend my time, but the end result is worthwhile. Hey, hopefully one of them will take care of me when I'm old and grey!

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