Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am feeling like I must have this disclaimer...

This blog is simply MY journey. I don't expect ANYONE else to share the same convictions as me. Where God has me in my unique situation is going to be different from someone else's situation. Please do not feel bad if you are not doing the same things I am or making the same choices (such as less outside ministry, having lots of children, or being a SAHM, homeschooling).

This blog is meant to encourage, not discourage. Our Family looks different from any other family, just as your family will look different from ours. That is not wrong. God wants us all to be different.

I have a dear friend who is in full-time ministry, has 4 children and amazes me that she can put her husband and children first. She can do all this and she does it well! Watching her do VBS with a baby in her Ergo was amazing! I could never do that! God has given her the unique ability to be organized and has the energy to pull it off well. Her husband and children do not suffer for it.

My sister, works part-time from home so that her husband can go to school. This is a very sacrificial act. Her heart would love not to work, but right now she chooses to because she is supporting her husband's dreams. Her situation is so different from mine. She would love more children, but her husband does not want anymore. She waits for God to change her heart or His. In the meantime, she is content.

My point here, is that it's OK to be different! I am not wanting everyone to be like me. The Lord help all of us if that were the case!

I do not condemn ministry, daycare, working mom's, or people who put their children in public school. My job is to encourage you in whatever situation you find yourself in. We are all moms and we must all stick together.

I hope this helps clear up any misunderstandings.

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Cat said...

I'm "doing" vbs this week. The craft lady has 4 kids, the oldest about 7, the youngest just weeks old in her 'frontie' pack. My, she inspires me! I'm exhausted when I get home, what must she be AND dealing with all those little ones all afternoon, her husband in the evening AND she's a veterinarian on top of that!!! Thanks for the reminder that we are not only at different stages of our journey, but that we are on different journeies too. I love you, Stacie.

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