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Prayer is Powerful and Effective

Prayer is Powerful and Effective

I was ten years old when my stepmother, Diana, came into my life. My twin sister and I moved in with her and my father when we were fourteen. Looking back now I am amazed at how she took on two teenagers and handled it so well. Having never had children of her own made this even more difficult for her. A while ago, I found out how she did it. She prayed. That simple…and I have proof.

While they were moving, Diana came across an old letter. She gave it to me thinking I might find it interesting. You see, when I was a teenager and things got bad and we would fight, we sometimes wrote letters to one another.

This letter in particular addressed a number of issues that I must have been struggling with (disrespect, not honoring my parents, laziness, purity and a know-it-all-attitude). Throughout the letter were her hopes, dreams and prayers for me. I found myself looking into a mother’s heart and my own broke. I realized that I pray the same things for my children.

To honor this letter, I made a beautiful scrapbook page that had the letter tucked into a pocket. I titled the page “Now I Understand”. I want to be able to take that letter out when my own children are in the throes of their teenage years. I want them to know that their mom struggled and wasn’t perfect. I want them to know that I pray for them, just as my own mother prayed for me.

I showed a friend this letter. After reading it, she said something astounding. She said, “Stacie, all of these prayers she prayed came true!” I realized that her hopes and dreams for me became a reality as I made the choice to follow God rather then the world. It gave me such hope! My prayers for my children are being heard by my loving God who holds them in the palm of His hand. I learned a valuable lesson that day. God hears the prayers and the anguish of a mother that didn’t know what else to do with her child but to give her back to God.

If you are struggling with a wayward or strong-willed child, I hope this encourages you to pray even more for him or her. I continually pray that my children would follow harder after God than I do.

Remember, He listens and he answers in His time, not yours. It took years for me to change my life around and truly start living for the Lord. So don’t get discouraged if it seems like your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling. He hears you and He will answer. Keep being persistent and pray in faith.

From One Mom to Another,



Anonymous said...

Stacie, What has you so convinced that your children will rebel? I'll explain. Our oldest, visited her Dad every other week up until about age 16, when she told him she no longer wished to visit... Her Dad, is not a Christian, no one in the household was/is a Christian- this was confussing to our daughter, which lead to a few confrontations... Our 4 children born to my Hubby and I, are so vastly different from big sis in that regard- they've not been exposed to worldliness, like she was... I don't expect that they will "rebel"; my boys are 14, they are adventurous and curious, we play into those characteristics, {ie at Creation we set hand sanitizer on fire, I don't recommend this, but they and some of the friends {homeschooled,teen boys} that were there were in that "I wonder what will happen" state of mind so we did it, don't tell your Hubby} they are polite and respectful. Not that Hubby and I are great parents or great examples. From a young age we've given them lots of Godly examples in story books, which I think has helped, many of the stories have children in them who are questioning the "why's" of their church, the Bible and God. We talk with them much, we have them work along side of us and we do pray. One thing I've done differently with the 4, is that I removed the idea that they would rebel from my mind. Keep focussing on positive thoughts about your children, don't let worldy thoughts and ideas of raising children creep in.

Anonymous said...

What a powerful testimony to answered prayers! Praying for my kids on a consistant basis is DEFINITELY something I struggle with but am working on daily! Thanks for the reminder that it makes a difference!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I'm not convinced. My prayers are that they would not. I'm not sure how I portrayed it. I was the child who rebelled.

I wanted to encourage other moms whose children that have rebelled or on the edge of rebellion. I hope that is the message that comes across.

Sorry about the confusion.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This is so encouraging. I know I've read this before, but it hit me afresh. I need to pray for my children, long term, not just for the here and now survival moment prayers. Love you, Stace. Thanks for posting this again!

His bondservant said...

How beautiful! Diane must be a special it must warm her heart to know that you understand now and honor her mother's heart. And I know just as the Lord heard her heart...He is hearing yours, and mine and all the other mother's hearts as well. I know I do not have it all wrapped up. I so often worry that I am going to oit something I should have done or do something I shouldn't when it comes to raising my children. But, I keep remembering that I am just a sinner...He is the One who saves and keeps and I am trusting Him to do so with my children. God bless you dear friend, Jackie

Sarah said...

Stacie this was so moving! I too was the rebellious teen and therefore it is one of my greatest fears for my own eldest daughter.

I see that she is so much like me and that frightens me...although I must confess that I have never confided in her about my own teen struggles...simply out of fear of putting ideas into her head!

She is a sweet, caring and hardworking girl but I exposed her to so many worldy influences in her formative years, before I became a Christian that I'm afraid of what effect this will have upon her future.

I am praying for her but I know I MUST do more! Thank you for this post!

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

Wow...that is so awesome! God is so faithful! SO true...the Lord has our children in the palm of His hands and that even when they mess up or we as mothers have our mess ups He is so ready to forgive and raise us up and direct our path.

Thanks for sharing!!

Chris xoxo

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