Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Nice Day

Today was good. I got the house cleaned up and ready for company. I took Jess, Andrew and Jacob to KMart with me. I went in to get some air conditioner charge for the Suburban. I ended up spending $85! They had a bunch of good sales! I bought several shirts that are my favorite kind for $3 a piece and school supplies were on sail. I bought probably 15 notebooks for 9 cents a piece. I'm going to send some to our pastor friends in Kenya and keep the rest for homeschooling. Glue sticks were really cheap too. I got some more of my favorite baby-proofing locks (Jacob keeps getting into certian cupboards).

I had some ladies come over and visit. Five gals showed up. We didn't really know each other very well, so it was pretty casual conversation which made it easy to keep my 30 day challenge! The kids even got in the freezing cold pool. I was so proud of them. I would never go in there while it was that windy!

Jessica and Andrew got to go with Nana and spend the night at the ranch, so I took Jacob back to KMart to pick up more AC charger. I then grabbed some snack wraps from McDonald's and went to the fire station to have dinner. We don't go there that often anymore since we have so many kids. It's funny, when we had just Josh, Steve had me bring him down every shift. Now we might go there twice a year. I think he doesn't want to overwhelm the guys with all of our noise.

I have Jacob down now, the chores are done and I'm going to go read my marriage book by Chuck Swindoll.

I am happy today. I am at peace with myself and I know that I am on the road to a more Christ-like me.

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