Monday, July 7, 2008

Marcus and Jessica

Marcus is seven. He has the brains in the family. He loves the computer, reading, and is very good at math. He is also a Star Wars fan and loves to play soccer. Marcus has a real heart for the persecuted church, and is always thinking of ways we can help people who are hurting. I keep telling him, I believe God has called him to be a missionary, time will tell.

Jessica is five. The only girl so far, so she is pretty tough! Jessica loves babies, and loves to help Mom cook. She absolutely loves her Grandma Kricket and seems to have inherited her adventuresome spirit. Jessica likes snakes, bugs, and anything gross and disgusting. She has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh! She loves to annoy her brothers and is getting pretty good at it. Jessica accepted Jesus in her heart when she was three, and likes to be the one to bring the Bible out at dinner time. I love doing girlie things with her! Jess and I feel outnumbered though, in the boy-department, so keep petitioning the Lord for a girl for the next baby!

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