Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let the Fighting Begin!

The kids did really well with each yesterday, but today they are all getting used to one another and are fighting a LOT! It will just take time to adjust to one another again. I'm truly not suprised.

Josh and I are getting used to each other as well. He started arguing and talking disrespectfully, and I gently reprimanded him. He then came to me later and apologized. He is soooo good at that and I am grateful. He doesn't like conflict either.

It will be hard tomorrow when I start homeschooling them again. They have had a month off and it is very hard for Josh to get back into this mode. Pray for us! I need to ease them back into it so I need extreme wisdom so I don't overwhelm them.

I really want to include Jessica. She is starting Kindergarten this year and I want her to get comfortable sitting down with us and doing her work.

I let Jessica and Andrew paint with watercolors while the boys were gone and they had a blast. Now they want to do it all the time. I hate doing it while Jacob is awake, so they do it when he is napping.

I am going to do Third Grade over again with Josh. I pray that this will build his confidence up and that he will one day LIKE to learn. He hates anything that has to do with school.

Marcus on the otherhand is hard to get outside. He wants to write the story of his life now. You never know, that kid could end up being a writer. He is on a Shakespear kick (thanks to his Uncle David who is an expert on Shakespear). He is reading his Uncle David's book and has been inspired to write his own books complete with illustrations. I'm going to start Third Grade with Marcus this year. I give him a lot of freedom in his learning because he is so above his grade level when it comes to reading. I am not very formal right now with his education. He already knows his cursive, so we'll be mainly working on spelling and math this year.

So tomorrow, I'm going to start and I hope it all goes well. Again, I think easing back into it will be the best thing.

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