Monday, July 14, 2008

An Interesting Vacation...

We got down the the beach with no problems. It was windy setting up camp, so we had to move the tent once. The kids were good and had lots of fun. Andrew ran behind a horse and tried to pet it's leg and about got kicked. Praise the Lord, Papa Russ has really GOOD horses. The Lord, spared our little Andrew once again.

It was great weather except the wind. The wind came up in the afternoon and made it really miserable. The kid's plates kept flying away and cooking was hard. It was very cold a night, but the mornings were wonderful.

Dad and I had the miniature horses on the beach on Saturday. They were hooked up to the little carts. Jessica was with Dad and Josh was with me. We stopped to get a shell or something and the horses touched noses. We all thought it was cute that they were kissing, when suddenly one of the shafts of the cart went under the other one. The shafts got stuck together and then the fenders. Not good! The horses started freaking out while Dad and I yelled at the kids to get off. They obeyed and ran. In the meantime, I grabbed Dough Boy's bridle while Dad untangled the carts. When they finally did pull apart with a loud POP, Dough Boy tried to run away. You would not believe how much strength those little horses have! I just held onto his bridle and ran in three big circles with him. The bridle felt like it was going to fall off, so I managed to grab onto his bit. I could control his mouth that way and try to get him to stop! While I was trying to get control of Dough Boy, Dad got Bakerman calmed down enough to have Josh hold onto him so he could help me out. Josh was so scared, but he obeyed and did it. Dad was able to help me and everything turned out OK. We learned a lesson that day. DON'T LET THE CARTS GET TO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER!!!!! Josh didn't want to get back on, but I made him and he told me he was so scared that he wanted to throw up. I told him Papa and I were scared too. A runaway horse with a cart behind it, is not a good thing on a busy beach. It could kill the horse, or a person, and wreck the expensive carts. Boy, did we have a story to tell when we got back to camp! We told Josh we were really proud of him for obeying even though he was scared.

On Sunday, I took the scooter and was just riding around a bit and checking up on the kids. I pulled back into camp and Steve, Dad, Jackie, Jerry and Sonya (my brother and SIL) came up to me and wanted to know when we were checked out to leave. I told them Monday. They said all their tickets said that we were to leave Sunday. "WHAT?", I said! I couldn't believe it. I had made the reservations and forgotten that we could only spend 3 nights when were normally stay 4. I was devastated. I was so afraid everyone was going to be mad and disappointed at me. I felt horrible for ruining everyone's plans. Everyone was so understanding and they hugged me and told me it was all right. They didn't mind going home early. I felt very loved. Jackie and I hopped on the scooter and tried to see if we could stay an extra night but almost the entire horse camp was reserved for Sunday night. Praise God, they looked at their tickets or we would have been sitting there when these other campers showed up! Can you imagine? Dad then told me that he remembered me telling him that we couldn't get that fourth night, but we had both forgotten about it. I can't believe that I didn't remember that! I'm getting old, man!

I was OK with going home early because I was honestly sick of being cold and dealing with the wind. I got to do everything I wanted to do. I rode several miles on the beach on Dundee, I drove the mini's around with the carts, I got to spend time with my family, playing games at night, and I got to see a sunset over the ocean with Steve. The kids had a great time and even made money when they turned the carts into a temporary rickshaw! It was pretty cute. I think they hauled each other around that way then any other thing.

Dad and Diana wanted to get home for several reasons. When they were packing up, the day before we left they discovered that their old camper didn't fit onto the newer truck Dad had bought. Oops! So they were scrambling, trying unsuccessfully to find a camper that would fit. They ended sleeping in the swept out horse trailer with a tarp thrown on top. As they were coming to the coast they got a phone call from friends saying that there was a huge grassfire by their house. They were calling to see what they wanted saved! Oh, my! I would have been freaking out! The fire ended up going around their house. So they were anxious to see what damage had been done. The Lord spared everything!

Vern and Ethel came up as we were packing up to leave. We did end up going out to lunch with them. It was so great to see my in-laws. We hadn't seen them since May.

Grandma Fay and Regina had a bad breakdown on the way here. His wheel almost fell off and got banged up really bad. They were really late getting there and we were getting worried about them. They were OK, and we were glad to see them get to camp safely.

The kids were so disappointed that we had to leave early. Steve took them to the park and out to lunch today to try to make up for it.

We were all so happy to get our Jacob back early. When Steve came back from meeting Mom in Arlington to get Jacob, the kids just went crazy when they saw him. It is so sweet to see how much they love their baby brother! Jacob went crazy, too! You could tell he missed all of us. He is so sweet! I forgot how cute he is! Mom and Larry had a ball with Jacob and Hailey! They were much safer there, then at horse camp.

Once again, I learn that I can only plan so much, and the best-laid plans still can fall apart! We have to roll with the punches and look for the blessings!

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Naomi said...

Oh Stace it sounds like you had a busy busy time. Fun and frantic at the same time. The sunset with Steve sounds nice. Glad you all came home safe and enjoyed yourself.

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