Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This!

OK, people have suggested that I start a blog for awhile. But I have resisted it, thinking I don't have the time. I realized that it is just another form of keeping a journal (which I do somewhat irregularly). I can't imagine why people would want to listen to or keep up with my ramblings!

As a mother of five (so far), I might have some wisdom to offer the blogging community. I chose the title, A Firefighter's Wife, because I wanted to perhaps perk the interest of women who have chosen to marry a firefighter. It is a different lifestyle then most. Our husband's do not have 8-5 jobs and you HAVE to be flexible when the pager goes off. If I can even slightly encourage these precious ladies who live just as sacrificially as their husbands, I will be happy.

So this day is about to start, my five children are sleeping still, and I am on the computer. It won't last long, but it feels good to get started.

There will be more, I promise!


Naomi said...

Well I am thrilled that you have started up a blog. I can't believe how big your kiddies are getting. Jacob really is different looking isn't he? And Jessica is beautiful. Look forward to being more in touch, I have missed you.

Sarah Beveridge said...

Hi Stacie,
I found you through Ma's blog. Wow! Another blogger that has been blogging since 2008! The Lords people are such a blessing! Keep on blogging sister! I don't think we fully realize how the Lord uses our blogs, but one day we will.
God bless you, Sarah

Ma said...

Thanks for linking up Stacie, I have been thinking about you since your last couple of posts. I don't know what trial you are going through, but know that you are in my prayers.

I like this first post. I do know a firefighter's wife, and she does have to be very flexible.

I hope you see some brighter days ahead soon.

Gregg said...

Great to read your first blog!

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