Monday, July 7, 2008

Grateful Hearts

I have to share something that just touched my heart. On the Fourth of July, my children and I had a crazy day. We started with going out to my parent's ranch for a family potluck. Next, we went to the MCFR (Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue) potluck. Normally, we go to the station to light off fireworks. I was so tired and Jacob had a fever most of the day due to teething, that I decided to not go. The kids were disappointed, but didn't complain. I let the kids stay up late so they could set off the few fireworks I bought them. My mom normally spoils them rotten with bags and bags of fireworks. We weren't going to see her before the Fourth, so she opted not to this time. After we set off the small amount that I had bought (I do mean small), they didn't complain like I thought they would. Instead, God totally encouraged my heart when one by one they thanked me for spoiling them! Wow! I just praised the Lord for that! I hope and pray that my children will not grow up to be ungrateful, but to be thankful for every blessing that comes their way. It turned out to be a great Fourth!

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