Friday, July 18, 2008

Grass Fire Season

Summer is when I become a firefighter "widow". Poor Steve worked his usual 24 hours. During that time they had a large grassfire that actually shut the freeway down. He called the next morning and said he didn't know when he would be home. He eventually came in the door at 7:00 p.m. He looked bone-weary, but was so glad to see the kids and I. I put the kids to bed and we were able to talk about the fire. It looked like he had eye-liner on, because the soot got caught in the creases of his eyes! I could barely get him out of bed by 6:45 this morning. He had to work his regular 24 hour shift. I don't know how he does it. I would be such a grump. It makes me appreciate his sacrifices so that I can stay home with the children. I let the children know their daddy is a hero because he works so hard and has a dangerous job. So basically in three days the kids and I saw him for about 2 hours.

California called our chief and wanted us to send a crew down there to help out with their fires. Praise the Lord, Chief Palmer said no. We can't spare anymore guys, we are already short-handed. I guess they have firefighter crews going to California that are based out of Colorado! Isn't that crazy?

We ran a few errands today. Other than that, we hung out at home. It was a nice relaxing day. We even got the rest of the hay hauled down to the shed. We watched a bit more TV then normal. They got their science with Mythbusters and then I let the little ones watch 101 Dalmatians. By the end of the day we picked a movie online to watch. It was an old classic "National Velvet". It was kind of boring except the race scene. But we hung in there and now I can say I've watched it!

The boys packed for their trip to Bend. Josh and Marcus are leaving tomorrow and will be back in 7 days. We will miss them, but they are going to have so much fun with Grandma Kricket and Larry Pop. My mom is "Miss Activities Director" and had so many plans up her sleeve. They are looking forward to staying at the Trendwest and swimming every day in a heated pool. Ours is freezing cold, so it will be a real treat!

Andrew and I fertilized the lawn. He "helped" by standing in front of me and hanging onto the push cart. It was so much harder to do it with him, but it made him feel so good to help me.

Marcus and I fixed the tomato plant that fell over. It is so gigantic that it actually tipped the tomato cage over. We put some stakes in the ground and some twin and tried to support it so it wouldn't touch the ground. Oh my, it's big! I want to make a fresh salsa for Steve. He loves that kind of stuff! I can't wait till they are ripe.

I got my newest Above Rubies magazine, and I started devouring it. I just love to read all the testimonies of large families. I'm also reading some great material on "The Power of the Tongue" You can read in my "Let My Words Be Few" post about some of the convictions I am experiencing.

Well, that's it for today. I'm tired and can't wait to read my magazine and fall asleep! Thank you God, for such a great and mostly peaceful day. Thank you that Marcus worked hard on obeying and didn't get in trouble once! What a refreshing change! Now, you can work on Josh's tone of voice! Help him understand that he can't talk to me disrespectfully. I know you can pierce his heart with conviction. I pray that you will and that things will change. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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