Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am so blessed! I have so many great friends that God has given me. This was a "friends" week. My friend, Rachel and I took our girls to tea and had a great time (only one spill by my daughter). Yesterday, Margaret came over with her kids for dinner. We just watched our kids play and enjoyed laughing at their antics. I have had many friends email me or call and tell me how much they are enjoying the blog. It has been very encouraging!

My sister, of course is always there for me. Jackie cheers me on and lets me get away with NOTHING!!! Praise God for that! She is so helpful at showing me how to give Steve grace and showing me what a godly reaction I should have when I have been hurt or misunderstood. I love her so much! Thanks, Jack!

I got to catch up with Jean yesterday. It was so nice to hear her voice. She just had a baby girl and is surviving this first month. It reminds me of how tough it is during those first 2 months. It is so sacrificial and she is doing a great job! So Jean, here's my hat off to you. I got your note in the mail and I can't tell you how encouraging your words were to me.

My friend, Catherine, faithfully emails me and shares her struggles and triumphs. Today it was a triumph! God is so faithful and good. I love to see him working in the lives of his faithful servants. Catherine, is my prayer warrior and another cheerleader.

So thanks God, for all my great friends! Each one of them cheers me on as I try to be the godly wife and mother that you have called me to be. May you pour out a special blessing upon each of them...

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