Monday, July 28, 2008

Combine Rides

Wow, today was such a stroll down memory lane. I asked my friend, Margaret, if we could come out and have her husband take us all out on his combine while he harvested wheat. She said sure, so the whole family went out there. Is was a nice day. Josh and Marcus rode first and David patiently answered all their questions. Jess and I were next. Jess didn't say much, but I could tell she was paying attention to it all. Andrew and Steve went after that. Andrew LOVES farm equipment and was so excited to ride the combine! He and Steve got to ride for a good hour until he finally got tired. Steve peppered David with questions and learned a ton as usual. We found out that the wheat that was being harvested ends up mainly in Ethiopia and Pakistan. It is very good wheat for flat breads. I told David that riding on the combine brought back so many memories for me. I was raised on a wheat and cattle ranch. My mom and dad drove wheat truck and we could either stay home with a babysitter or go out with Mom or Dad. I liked to go out a lot with them. We used to ride with Ol' Carl Kaser and raid his lunch box. His wife always packed him a huge lunch and he would share. I remember my CB handle was "Skinny Britches" and Mom's was "Sunshine Lady". I also recall Dad's as being "Copenhagen Kid" (that was when he used to chew tobacco.

Margaret was so cool, she even let the kids go into the wheat truck and jump all over the wheat! I remember having fun playing in the wheat as a kid. It was great to watch the boys doing what I used to do.

While Steve and Andrew were with David riding the combine, Margaret and I took the kids down to her house where we ate cookies and the kids jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath it. The kids were having so much fun they didn't want to go, but I was getting really tired.

We came home and I threw some pork chops in the microwave to defrost then cooked them up. They were yummy with my saucy potato casserole I had made the day before. The kids all went to bed early and now I'm watching "Wings". I love that show, I just wish they didn't take God's name in vain so much. I found them on Netflix, so I have to watch them after the kids go to bed.

Steve is working out and then running to the store for me. Tomorrow his parents (Vern and Ethel) are coming up to spend the night. It will be great to see them. I'm going to make a gigantic ham tomorrow night. The kids love glazed ham!

I'm off to bed now. I pray I will do better about my tongue tomorrow. I didn't have much patience with my husband today. I sinned with my mouth and have confessed. I knew that I would be tested. I failed today, but tomorrow is a new day and I pray that I will not let my flesh win.

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