Monday, July 7, 2008


Andrew is three. Andrew is my little stinker! He is a mess-making machine! I love this kid, he has a great sense of humor and is extremely intelligent. He is fascinated with machinery, tractors, and contruction. He is his Papa Russ's Tractor Boy. He begs to go out to the Ranch and see Papa's tractor. I think this child is going to be farming with Papa when he grows up.
Andrew has had some challenges. When he turned two, he has a terrible bunk bed accident that left him hanging by his jaw for hours during the night. I will post the story. It was very scary. God was merciful and spared him. It affected his foot. His foot was already turned in, but now it is turned in even more and he tiptoes on it. He has learned to run, but "floating". It's amazing to watch him. We keep praying for healing, and have tried a couple different braces. We are now trying regular massage to try to keep the tendons and muscles loose. Hopefully, it will help.
Andrew is learning about Jesus and is starting to talk more about the things of God. He is learning to say sorry when he has done wrong to others. He enjoys playing with his brothers and sister.

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