Monday, July 7, 2008

Andrew and Electricity Don't Mix!

I put Andrew to bed tonight and was reading Jessica a story, when he came running out of his room crying. He was holding his finger saying he was hurt. I looked at it and it had a pretty good blister on it. I asked what happened and he said he got burned. I'm thinking, "Where would he get burned in his room?" He showed me some keys that were on the floor. They were very hot and had burn marks on them. I asked him if he had put them in an outlet. He said he had. Yikes! You should have seen those keys. They were actually partly melted. We put some salve on it and a band aid and had ANOTHER good talk about putting things in outlets. If you are asking yourself why I don't put those outlet covers on, I'll tell you why. All of my kids figured out really early how to take them off and it increased their fascination of the outlets. So I don't bother anymore. Another lesson learned. Poor Andrew seems to always find out everything the hard way. I'm so glad he's O.K. It could have been much worse.

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