Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Almost Ready

Today has been good so far. We have the trailer mostly loaded, the Suburban has been cleaned out (that's always a "fun" job), and we have the back stuffed with sleeping bags, pillows and suitcases. We decided to bring the scooter so that we can run errands on it. It would save so much money. Also, we can give the kiddos rides around the campground.

Yesterday, my friend, Margaret, decided to not go camping and to be there for her husband in case his father died. Catherine (whom she was going to camp with) was disappointed but doing well with it. She is very good at going with the flow of things. I need to take lessons from her! Maybe that is where age comes in. She is in her early sixties and has such wisdom. I love to talk to her and pray with her.

Yesterday, I was able to get a massage. It was a fundraiser for Brian (who has cancer and no insurance). My sweet husband suggested that I do it. It felt great. It was also nice getting to know the massage therapist, who happens to be the wife of our new Fire Marshall. She seems to be sweet. They have a blended family with six kids, so it was nice to hear how she does it.

I was able to watch Liam and Riley (Margaret's children) yesterday, so that she could go to the foster care home that her FIL is at. The kids were great and so polite at mealtime. She has trained them so well to say "please and thank you". I am HUGE on manners, so it is great to see kids using them!

I will take Jacob to Arlington (I'm meeting my mom halfway) this evening. I get to ride up there with my twin sister, Jackie. I'm looking forward to having some one on one time with her. Rachel, my friend, offered to take Joshua, Marcus, Jessica and Andrew overnight, so we can finish packing. What a sweetie! It will be so nice to be with just Steve tonight. We haven't had a night alone forever.

My other friend, Debi called last night and excitedly told me that she is expecting her third baby! Her husband got a vascectomy soon after their first child was born. God did an amazing work on his heart and he got a reversal about seven years later. She had a baby girl, and now is expecting another. We rejoiced together at how amazing God was. I told her that I had been pregnant 2 weeks ago, but it had ended in a miscarriage. I told her of the hope that God had given me through that experience. She cried with me and spontaneously burst into a Spirit-filled prayer. It was a beautiful experience and I could feel the presence of the Lord so strongly. He takes care of us, gives us the strength we need, and is completely trust-worthy. I am so happy for her!

I believe that women are to be life-givers, not life-stoppers! We are to raise Godly-seed for God's Kingdom. That will change our communities and eventually our nation! Having a womb is a gift from God. We can use our womb to bring glory to Him. By saying yes, to children, we are fulfilling our calling as Christian women. Even if you husband doesn't want anymore, it doesn't matter. What is in YOUR heart matters. My sister's husband does not want anymore than two children. God has changed my sister's heart and she now desires a large family. She can have peace in her heart (whether she has another child or not) knowing that she is surrendered to whatever God wants to bless her with. God honors that, and we continue to pray that God will change her husband's heart. If you are in the same situation, be at peace. God can change hearts! Knowing you are in His Will is everything. Keep surrendered to Him.

Isn't it funny how we sing "I Surrender All" to the Lord, but most of us hold back our wombs? After I made the decision to have as many children as God wanted to bless me with, I sang that song, and it felt different. I felt I could sing that song with integrity! I really meant it!!!! Can you sing that and mean it? Even if your husband says "no" to more children, you can still rest under his covering and have peace. You are not accountable for his decision, but you are accountable for your own.

I know I've probably stepped on a few toes and many of you are saying "Ouch!", but that is the sweet thing about this blog. I can get on my soapbox every now and then, and in love speak the Truth.

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