Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things Are Getting More Normal (Sort of)

Well, the snow is melting. The rain is determined to wash it all away. I loved it while it was fresh and new, but when you go downtown and see the black snow in drifts, it makes you want it to leave. It's fun to be "snowed in" for awhile, but it does get old and I long for my routine back.

Speaking of routine, I homeschooled the two older boys yesterday. It went really well and we got everything done that I had planned. Besides our usual math, reading, phonics and spelling, I read a kid's history book to them and we learned all about Thomas Jefferson. We learned that he is the one that invented our money system. Of course, being the money-minded kid he is, Marcus perked right up after hearing that!

We got to spend some time with Margaret and her two children. She left Liam and Riley here while she played tennis. It was a good distraction for my kids. They watched a movie and then played outside. Everything was going good until they started throwing snowballs. I'm still not sure what happened but the boys ended up getting mad at each other and feelings were hurt. Margaret and I tried to leave it on a good note, but it wasn't very pleasant. I think they will forgive and forget and do better next time. Snow ball fights usually end up in a disaster anyway and someone always ends up getting hurt. I know it was that way with my cousins!

Steve went to Portland yesterday for his IV meds. He came back home around 3:30 and I told him I needed to go to the store. I had no idea how crazy it was! There were so many people at Safeway, so it took me a lot longer then I expected. I desperately needed some fruits and veggies.

Came home and Steve had finished dinner up. Michael dropped off Jackie and the kids. Jackie is in so much pain. She pulled something in her back and can hardly move. It really stinks, because now we can't play our favorite card game (Nerts). Today's plans are to make a nice breakfast (French toast, fruit and bacon) and then watch "Prince Caspian" sometime between my dentist appointment and her massage appointment with John. I think I might make chicken fajitas tonight.

This morning was so wonderful. God woke me up at 4:45 a.m. so that I could spend some time with Him alone and uninterrupted. I got my cup of coffee and I snuggled up on the couch with my Bible study. I was even able to journal many of my thoughts. I am studying Psalm 131 right now. It is short, but packed with meaning.

Here is a thought that I wanted to share with you..."We don't know what will show up on us until God turns on the heat. His Spirit reveals feelings and long-held beliefs. The essence of wholeness is God winning us wholly with His affection, His truth, and His healing Word."-Beth Moore

Another thought was this..."God's goal is not children scared into silence but those who trust their parent even when questions go unanswered...I know I can trust God's heart, come what may."-Beth Moore

I looked up a bunch of verses on how God is like a parent. I've read all these verses many times, but I was struck again at how wonderful He is. Beth asked me to write Psalm 131 in my own words. Here is my take on it...

"My heart is not proud, I do not want to look down on others. I am a simple woman. I do not try to understand things that are lofty and intellectual. I just want to be like my Jacob, who wakes up and snuggles into me with his blankie. I want to feel Your presence, knowing You love me, but knowing that You will be there the rest of this day as I toddle off to face it. I want to know You are hovering over me, waiting in the wings in case I start to slip and fall. I want to know and rest in the fact that You are keeping me away from danger. For I have put my hope in You, God. Nothing else will do."

So here I go toddling away...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Opening Our Stockings

Marcus made me a card and put a dollar in it. Wasn't that sweet?

I put the One Year Bible in Steve's stocking. He had asked for another one, of course it was my pleasure to give it to him. I love that my man is in the Word!

Jacob loved his little airplane.

Andrew got a grader and another construction vehicle.

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Tractor Boy!

Dad and Diana got Andrew this cute little John Deer hat and shirt. The tractor is actually Jacob's, but Andrew plays with it just as much. I love these ones of him "plowing" the sidewalk. Isn't he cute? He's in heaven!

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Snow Days

When I can get the kids outside, they sure have fun playing around in the snow. The first picture is of Steve's little snow tunnel, he made with his snow plow on his four-wheeler.
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Mellow Day

Not much going on in our corner of the world. The snow is starting to melt and the kids were out playing in it some today. Jacob was doing good until he got stuck in snow drift and his boot didn't follow. He did not like having a cold, wet sock stuck in the snow!

The kids and I cleaned the house some more. I caught up on laundry (finally)! You can't imagine how many extra stinky, wet socks there are around here now that the snow has come!

I did my Bible study. I studied Psalm 127 today. It was wonderful and such a great reminder to pray for Israel. I read the news today about them launching a counter-attack on the Hamas. It is such a scary place over there. I just pray that God will rise up and defend His people and that the Israelies will not lean on their own strength, but His.

I made a dish with tortellini, chicken, onion and mushrooms with a marinara sauce over it. I sprinkled it with mozzarella. The kids seemed to like it. Then I made lemon bars for dessert for our lunch tomorrow at the Ranch.

I tortured my children and made them watch Handel's "Messiah". It is beautiful, but quite boring for them. I tried to explain the different parts of an orchestra and choir. They didn't know it, but it was a homeschool lesson in classical music. Josh was NOT pleased. Oh well! I watch plenty of movies that don't interest me for their sake. I didn't think it was going to kill them to watch one of mine! So there!!!

I read books to the little ones. I love it when they ask me to read to them. Andrew keeps picking up Bible stories, so it's cool that he's "getting" God more. He is really enjoying "Hermie" by Max Lucado.

I can't wait to get out and go to church tomorrow. I'm getting tired of being cooped up. I miss everyone at Calvary and I know the kids have missed their friends.

I'm looking forward to having the snow melt so that we can put the trampoline up for the kids. They are talking about how much they are looking forward to it.

I'm now going to go read and go to bed. I will leave you with an entry from my journal. The Lord just struck my heart with a gardening theme. So here it is...

"Lord, I pray that the soil of my heart is rich and ready to receive any seeds you would like to plant in me. I want you to be my "Master Gardner". The One who prunes, trims, ploughs and fertilizes the ground. Let not one seed that has been planted go to waste! May the results be beautiful! A garden in my life that will point to the "Master Gardener", that would be a glory to You."

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

I'm feeling so much better today. A little tired, but not too bad all things considering.

I have been trying to get my laundry and dishes caught up before tomorrow. I also went on a cooking spree. Here's what I made:

Bacon Chestnut wraps and Cranberry Bread Pudding for tomorrow's breakfast (I have it all made up, just have to throw them in the oven in the morning).

For the Christmas Eve meal at the fire station, I made Grandma Mary's famous Potato's Romanoff and I made up an artichoke dip that has tiny bits of mushroom, water chestnuts and green onions in it. YUMMY! I thought it would be a nice appetizer.

I also made the mashed potatoes up ahead of time for tomorrow's meal.

I made a loaf of fresh bread, as well. Whew! I think I'm done cooking today. Now I need to get off of here and do all the dishes. I think I'll enlist a few children's help around here.

Mom and Larry are in Leavenworth, Washington for Christmas with Larry's family. Larry's mom always wanted to go on a sleigh ride, so for Christmas Mom and Larry arranged it for them. Isn't that cool? Another dream fulfilled. I just hope they can get their safe. They said the lights are incredible downtown.

It has been snowing all day and the kids have been going in and out while I've been baking.

I put Jacob down and took a much needed nap. Now the plan is to clean up the house and get ready for when Steve calls and tells us we can come down to the station. I have no idea what time, but know I'm supposed to cook everything ahead of time. Now the timing of all that could be tricky!

I've enjoyed catching up on every one's blogs today. It is so great to hear of other people's Christmas traditions and holidays.

Dad and Diana will be here tomorrow morning. I think I'll let the kids open their stockings in the morning before Steve gets home, then we'll have breakfast and clean up. By the time that's all done, we will finish our Advent tree and read the Christmas story when the folks get here. I'm so excited to have them here this year. This is a real treat. I hope it will be a fun time for everyone.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sick Again

Ooooh, I'm so tired for feeling like this. I just pray I will get better before Christmas. I woke up this morning feeling really tired and not so great. About 8:30 a.m., even though Steve had called in sick, I woke him up and told him he needed to watch the kids. I had a headache and was feeling really sick to my stomach. I went back to bed for a hour or two. Then we had to run to Safeway and get Josh's medicine. I kept feeling worse and worse. It was so bad, I had to stay in the car and he had to run the errands. Remember, the guy is on sick leave, so it didn't look that great, but we had no choice.

As soon as we got home, I went straight to bed and slept two more hours. I woke up and tried to eat a bit of lunch. I started feeling sick again around 2:00 and just went back to bed. I slept another two and a half hours. I then tried to lay on the couch and play UNO with Jess, then I played Monopoly for an hour with Marcus. I had had it. I went back to bed around seven. Now I'm up and I'm going to try to eat a little chicken noodle soup and see if that settles my tummy at all.

Steve is supposed to work tomorrow. I'm sure hope I start feeling better or it's going to be an interesting day. The only thing I got done today was two loads of dishes and two loads of laundry. I'm falling behind and I am expecting company for Christmas. Not good...

Please pray that this will pass soon. I so don't want to be sick for Christmas.

Oh, BTW, Marcus was coughing last night. He started swallowing it. When he woke up he puked all over the couch, just missing my Bible study. He told me later, "I tried to miss your Bible study". I was so thankful. I can clean it off the blanket on the couch a lot easier then my Bible study. Jess said she wasn't feeling great either and didn't eat her dinner. That leaves Jacob to be the only one who hasn't gotten anything this last week.

I need to post another older devotion. I think I'll do that next. Thanks for your prayers!

Plans Keep Switching

I feel like I can't count on anything anymore. These last two weeks have been very strange. Almost every plan I have made hasn't happened.

Steve ended up staying the night in Redmond on Sunday and didn't get back home until 2:00 p.m. on Monday. I had several appointments lined up for on Monday because I had this tiny window before he worked a 48 hour shift and then get off on Christmas morning. I prayed and asked God to show me who to call. He laid Vicki on my heart. I called her and she came right over and watched the kids so I could take Josh to the doctor's.

I went to start the car and it was deader then a doornail. Another glitch in my plans! I'm stranded with NO car now! Steve still had the Suburban at the station. I asked Vicki if I could borrow her all-wheel drive Subaru. she said sure, so off we went.

The doctor thinks that Josh has eczema (not sure how to spell that) or psoriasis. I'm pretty sad about that, but have to remind myself that I'd rather have that diagnosis then cancer. I just pray that it might not be as severe as each generation passes. I pray it won't be like Steve's where it is all over his whole body. They called in a steroid topical cream to the pharmacy, but I knew I needed to get back to relieve Vicki, so I didn't go pick it up.

I canceled my hair appointment because Steve didn't get there in time. It was a good thing because my daddy came to give me jump start and helped me get out of our driveway. Our drive way is a nightmare because you can't get a run at it. My poor dad was huffing and puffing pushing on that car all the way up the driveway! He worked so hard. It reminded me so much of the winter that I learned how to drive. I had a 74 Comet Mercury. It was horrible in the snow, and we had a long driveway to get up. My dad would be riding on the back bumper, jumping up and down, pushing, you name it to try to get me out of that driveway! It brought back many memories.

Diana watched the kids for me so I could go to Les Schwab and get the battery changed. They did it really quickly. I was surprised because they were so busy! By the time I got home I was almost falling asleep driving. Steve was finally home when I arrived and I asked if he could watch the kids while I laid down. The insomnia gets to me and I just have to rest in the afternoon.

At 3:15, I took off for my massage with John Combe. Ooooooh, it was wonderful and just what I needed. No offense to the other lady who is doing my "prenatal" massages for free to get her license, but she tickles me compared to John. I feel so different when I walk out of his office. Steve said I could get a massage once a month if he thought it would help my hips and back. I'm so thankful! He has always poo pooped massage, so this is a big breakthrough. I hope to get him in one of these days when his back goes out again.

OK, here is the real miracle. I thought Steve was going to work the 48, well, he has a pretty bad cough from a cold he has been fighting so he decided to call in. So he will be gone only the one shift, which is on Christmas Eve! He can watch the kids while I go to the pharmacy to get the medicine. Also, the kids have missed him terribly and vice versa, so they'll be able to spend more time with their daddy.

God takes care of the little things, doesn't He? I was very weepy on Monday and was starting to kind of feel sorry for myself. I tried to be honest with God as to how I was feeling, but was just feeling sad and a little depressed. God just kept showing his faithfulness yesterday and I love Him for it. They are simple things, but big to me. Thank you for letting me share them with you.

So today is a new day. No mistakes, fresh and white as the beautiful snow outside. I am determined to respect and love my husband, teach my children to be kind and loving towards each other, and to be faithful in my homeschooling. I want to be a flourishing vine in my house and stop wilting. I want to get in the Word and meditate on it's Truths. I want the Holy Spirit to fill every fiber of my being so that I CAN do these things.

May God bless you this day!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thai Rolls Part 2

Here is the finished product! For a dipping sauce I mixed Thai peanut sauce, plum sauce and Hoisen sauce together in a small bowl. The peanut sauce is a little spicy for the kids, so I just mixed Hoisen and plum for them. Another really good flavor is sweet chili sauce. You can get all of this in the Oriental section of your store. I couldn't find the spring roll skins at Safeway but they were there at Fred Meyers. Also, the julienne tool was found at Fred Meyers. If you can't find one, you can use a food processor or the good old fashioned way and cut it by hand. The key is to get the veggies thin!
Jacob couldn't get through the tough skin, so he got to eat the noodles instead. You can see, he's pretty happy about it! I know it seems like a lot of instructions, but it really is easy and very healthy. They last a few days as well, so you can make a bunch ahead of time and feast on them for the next few days. Steve and I even tried deep frying one and it was very good! We might do half deep fried and half raw next time.
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Thai Rolls Part 1

These are the Thai Rolls that Catherine taught Margaret and I how to make when we went to Idaho. I thought the kids would hate them, but they love them now!

Here are the ingredients I used... Julienned cucumber, carrots; finely chopped purple cabbage; Chinese style noodles or thin rice noodles (cooked and then run under cold water immediately) and then I saute up some finely chopped chicken breasts with some garlic, ginger and some Thai peanut dipping sauce. The last thing you need is a large bowl full of hot water. You will soak the rice spring roll skins in the hot water for about 6 seconds or so.

This is a lousy picture, but I tried to show you that it is still a little firm, you don't want it limp.
Place the flat "tortilla" on the edge of plate with a little hanging off. Place your ingredients (you can add bean sprouts if you wish or water chestnuts, seaweed, whatever you want, really) then start to roll. About halfway, tuck the ends in like a burrito, keep rolling and then cut in half. The smaller they are, the better the tighter hold. Do not be afraid to make them as tight as you can. These "tortillas" are pretty sturdy. If you don't get it tight enough they just fall apart when you go to dip them in sauce. The final product will be on the next post...
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Christmas with Mom and Larry

This is the jewelry set that Mom and Larry gave me. It is very lovely. You can click on the picture to get a better look. I couldn't believe how it matched my shirt.
Mom brought Jessica a long wedding veil for dress up. She loved it!
Here are the kids and I with Mom in the living room in front of our dead Christmas tree. Yes, it died and I don't know why! We watered it, we trimmed the bottom off, and it's not too hot in our house.
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Early Christmas with Mom and Larry

Mom and Larry came up last night so we celebrated Christmas with them today. It was very nice. Mom is Miss-Activities Director and had Christmas games, coloring ect. before they opened their presents. The boys loved their Indiana Jones vehicles and Jess loved her baby doll set. Andrew got a Little People construction vehicle and Jacob got some fun stackable cars. Mom gave me a gorgeous earring and necklace set! I have pictures of it, but I'm too tired to put them up right now. Jackie has the same set, so now we can be twins!

We started the day with Steve getting ANOTHER 24 hour overtime shift. This beats his overtime record since he's been married to me. This is an unbelievable gift from God. We will be putting some money in savings finally! Let's just pray no rigs break down so we can keep it in there! Steve was able to buy a nice coat yesterday, which he desperately needed.

Larry watched the kids before lunch so Mom and I could go get some more Thai Roll ingredients. I did some last minute Christmas shopping at F.M. It was so nice to get out of the house again. Mom and I had a very nice time just being together. We ran into Pete (a firefighter) and his wife, Terry. They invited us to the fire station for Christmas Eve dinner. So I guess we'll be doing that if we don't get snowed in.

We played games all afternoon and Larry took the two older boys sledding up at Sorosis Park. They had a great time and I guess Josh even got to borrow some one's snowboard and did really good at it. Larry said he was a natural.

I taught Mom how to make Thai Rolls and took pictures so I can post step by step instructions. We toasted with sparkling pear cider. After dinner Mom got out the fireworks and we watched a nice show before they had to head home.

Andrew threw up all over while Larry was watching him. I'm so glad he did it on Larry's watch because I probably would have spewed too, just smelling it. I walked in and the smell of it about knocked me off my feet! Yucky! He seemed to be feeling better after that but didn't want any dinner.

I'm so tired, but it is a good tired. The day turned out to be very fun and full of activity. It helped take our minds off the snow, cold and the fact that Dad was not home again.

Steve had to travel to Bend tonight in the ambulance to take a dialysis patient to a special hospital. The roads were said to be hazardous. I'm trying not to worry. He said they might spend the night there and come back in the morning if it's really bad.

I hope he doesn't have to, because I have three appointments tomorrow. Josh goes to the doctor, I get my hair done and I am scheduled for a massage. I will be really disappointed if it doesn't happen, because everything will be shut down for the rest of the week before Christmas most likely.

I'm almost home free, the older kids are going to bed in ten minutes then it's my turn!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday's Musings

Today started with getting up at 12:30 in the morning and blogging and reading until about 3:00 a.m. I was able to go back to sleep after that, which was a blessed relief. We all slept till 7:15 a.m. That was nice!

Made a roast beef quiche for breakfast, which wasn't very good. I don't know what I did different. Luckily, I had yogurt to offer, too. They chowed that down. Kids did their chores and Steve got up and took his four wheeler over to the church to plow the sidewalks and some of the parking lot where the staff park. He was gone until about 1:00 p.m.

The kids watched a "Rescue Heroes" while I did yoga and my Bible study. I made lunch (egg rolls and P and B bagels), then I played "Enchanted Forest" with Jessica and Marcus. After that it was a LONG game of Monopoly with Josh and Marcus after we put Jacob down for a nap.

We heard from Mom and Larry. They decided to come after all, so they left about four p.m. They still aren't here. The roads are very snowy and not a little bit scary.

While we are waiting, I took the kids one by one into the bedroom to wrap their siblings gift. Then I shooed them all out and wrapped all the rest. Not too many this year. I'm proud of myself.

I made Thai Rolls for dinner and we gobbled them up! Mom and Larry were lucky we saved them a few! They were yummy! I put more chicken and noodles in them this time and skipped the bean sprouts. I figured out, that I DON'T like them! Steve even tried to deep fry one and it turned out pretty good. Josh even ate two! Now that's amazing!

It is still snowing and freezing cold. We are expected to have a HUGE storm tonight and tomorrow. Maybe eight inches of snow overnight. So it will be interesting to wake up tomorrow and see what it looks like!

Even church was canceled. So it should be a day of fun, feasting and games with Mom and Larry tomorrow as we celebrate an early Christmas.

That's all for now folks! They just got here so I need to scoot...

Christmas French Onion Soup

Amy (Redheaded Diaries) got this pregnant woman craving French Onion soup. So yesterday I went ahead and made it. I thought it would be fun to make it Christmasy, so Jess and I cut the WW bread into stars. We brushed it with melted butter, garlic salt and oregano, then added mozzarella, Cheddar and Swiss. You broil it and it makes the best croutons to put in your soup. The kids hated the soup, but devoured the star croutons!
The final product! YUMMY!
Stacie's French Onion Soup
8 cups of thinly sliced onions (I buy the bag of pre-cut onions)
1/4 cup butter
3 TBS of sucanat or (2-3 teaspoons of molasses and 1 tsp of sugar)
3 TBS of flour
1/4 cup white wine or water
15 cups of beef broth (you want it nice and rich)
3 bay leaves
1 tsp salt
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
10 homemade cheesy croutons
Cheesy Croutons:
1 loaf of bread (cut into shapes if desired) or just made them an OK size to fit into a bowl. I used WW, but you can use any kind you want.
2 TBS butter melted
1/4 tsp garlic salt
1/4 tsp oregano
1/4 cup shredded mozzarella
1/4 shredded Swiss
In a bowl, combine the butter, garlic salt and oregano. Brush over one side of each note. Place on a baking sheet; sprinkle with cheeses. Broil 4 in from the heat for 2-3 minutes or until cheese is melted.
In a large soup kettle , saute onions in butter. Cover and cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in the sugars (sucanat or mollasses and sugar). Cover and cook for 20 minutes. I like it a little sweeter, so you might have to adjust the sugar. In a small bowl, combine flour and wine or water until smooth. Add to onion mixture with broth, bay leaves, salt and Worcestershire sauce. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cover and simmer till onions are translucent about 30 minutes or so. Discard bay leaves, ladle into bowls and top with croutons. I like to add some fresh grated Parmesan on top of the finished product! Yield: 10 servings.
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White Christmas

I love the "checked" look of my retaining wall.
My snow ball bush looks so pretty laden with snow.
This bench shows how deep it is. I also thought it looks kind of Christmasy.
Here is part of our view. You can't see the mountains for the snow. I just love snow. It makes me hole up in my home. The only thing annoying is the puddles of water that the kids track in the house when they go in and out a thousand times a day. I gave up and put a towel next to the door. It still doesn't get used!
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Little Penguin

Jacob in his penguin suit!

Josh decided to push Jacob around in the double stroller. It was so funny looking, but he had the biggest smile on his face. Josh never wears a coat. He is so not like his mother!
Trying to give Jacob a ride on the sled, but Jacob was so fat in this suit he wouldn't bend! He couldn't sit up!
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We ALL Need Encouragement

When God laid on my heart to start this blog, He made it clear that it was not to be just any ordinary blog. He wanted this blog to glorify Him. I felt that He wanted it to be a place of encouragement to wives and mothers, especially.

I love the verses in Psalms that say over and over "Tell of the great deeds He has done!" How I want to share my testimony with everyone I meet! God has done miracles in my life that I know would encourage any Believer or Non-Believer. This blog is allowing me to do that.

But as you know, we ALL need encouragement, even this Ol' Gal. Many of you have left comments that have made me want to soar! God has used you over and over to encourage me in my duties as a wife and mother. Some of you have told me you are afraid to comment because you don't want to sign in, understandably so. To help you with this, I have made it easier on my blog to leave comments. You know longer have to sign in and you can also do so anonymously.

I have to say I am ashamed of the way I reacted a few weeks back when I got the doctor's bill. I should have known the Lord is faithful and would take care of it. I just talked with the sweetest lady that is in charge of a "rebate" program that helps people who cannot afford to take the IV medication that Steve is on. Steve qualified! So we will be getting $400 paid by this program towards the $600 we will owe at the first of the year! I was astounded and so thankful. So all in all about $36,000 of medical bills for just four injections will be only $400 to pay for (that is including the one we already have paid for). Wow! God totally took care of us once again. He has provide enough overtime to pay that bill next month when it comes in. He is so good!

I do need prayers in one area. I went to my OB doc and asked him about not sleeping. He said to stop taking the sleeping pill and just grin and bear it. I think the pill had stopped working anyway so I wasn't surprised. Last night was my first night off of it. I slept from 9:45 to 11:30 and then was up for several hours. God did give me an extra 2 hours of sleep during the wee hours of the morning and I woke up around 5:15 a.m. Four hours of sleep is not bad for an insomniac who has a baby moving around in her tummy all night. So I am praising God for the four hours, but asking that you pray for me as I go about this day. I would love to be able to take a nap sometime, but Steve is working today, so we'll see. I want to be patient and loving to my children. I also want to reduce my stress level even more, which requires wisdom on my part. So I thank you ahead of time for your prayers.

Blessings to you all as you go about your day. The snow is softly falling this morning and all is quiet as my sweet children sleep snuggled up in their beds.

Steve works today, so I need to get off of here and get my daily dose of encouragement from my Bible Study while it is still quiet.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MMO Brunch Part 2

Here is the fireplace in the living room. I wish I would have taken a picture of the harpist. She was amazing!
This is my friend, Helena. She is the mother of two boys and married to the Radiologist at MCMC. She is from the Czech Republic and has taught me a lot about growing up in a Communistic country and also how a country is affected during Post-Communism. Beth Anderson is in the background. Her husband is deployed for over 400 days. He is a Chaplain. She is the homeschooling mother of 3 and will be adopting within six months a little African-American baby. She is one amazing woman! I can't imagine doing all that with my husband gone for over a year!
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Spoiled Rotten! MMO Brunch Part 1

Our Mom's Morning Out Brunch this year was amazing! Ann, our fearless leader, set these gorgeous tables for us. She had the brunch at her parent's house. I tried to take pictures of it, but I know it doesn't do it justice.

When you walk in to the complex, there is this amazing courtyard with a lap pool in the middle. That is the guest house on the right.
This is the living room.
This family LOVES to cook, so the kitchen was all decked out. We had Maple French Toast casserole, fried onions and potatoes, sausage patties, Egg Nog cheesecake, sparkling apple cider in champagne glasses, coffee and orange juice. It was delicious! Ann even brought in a professional harpist to sing and play Christmas carols as we ate. It was over the top and we felt very spoiled.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Date With My Dad

We forgot Diana's Christmas list so we ran home to get it. I just couldn't help taking pictures of their little mini horses in the snow. They are such fur balls! Dough Boy is the lighter colored one and Bakerman is the closest. Bakerman is the one that the kids ride. The other pictures are of the ranch house and some outbuildings. Dad and Diana have done an incredible amount of work to this place! The last picture is of Dad at Casa El Mirador. He took us there after 3 hours of shopping. We LOVE the salsa and the steak burritos! I love our yearly date. I can't believe how grey his mustache is getting. It used to be flaming red!

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